Monday, June 26, 2006

HE'S HOME!!!!!!

OK, can you tell I am happy? I am elated!

Ben called me sometime during the week to tell me that the original 2:00 flight would now be at 6:00 instead. We got the house cleaned and went to the dollar store and got balloons. The kids wanted to get 10 balloons but I convinced them to just get 4. One from each kid. It was pouring down rain on Sat. so they weren't interested in carrying 10 balloons! So we went with 4.

When we got to the airport, the kids noticed that there were 2 playgrounds. Ethan told me he would just wait out there and play until Daddy came home. I was like I don't think so buddy. We went inside and at the top of the escalator were a group of Seabees. I had bought the kids matching shirts that said " My Daddy is a Seabee. We Build. We fight." Everybody loved them and kept calling them the "little recruits". The kids were happy because they had a kids waiting room filled with toys.

Finally they said that the plane had arrived so we all went down to the baggage claim to meet them. They started filing in, but where was Ben? The kids kept asking me, " Is that him?" Finally, here he came. We just ran and hugged and cried. It was wonderful. I had realized on my way there that I had forgot my camera. Luckily he had his in his backpack. It wasn't a digital though so it will take a little bit to get them developed.

Anyway...I was worried about what Ivan would do. I had left him in his stroller and Ben leaned down to see him and Ivan reached up and gave him a kiss. He has been very cuddly with him and it's been wonderful.

Today we are off to the Y and then to go see the long awaited Cars. The kids are excited.

Life is good. I am sooo glad he's home! And I even get to go get milk all by myself today! :)


Little Hensley Fam said...

I'm glad you can go get milk by yourself! Call me when you get tired of him! (just kidding!) I will talk to you soon!

The Farr's said...

Yeah!! So happy for you!! Lots of love!! Beth