Friday, October 31, 2008


I had the coolest experience today and I just have to share. I told Ben but he was not very excited. Ok so here goes...I grew up in a really small town. But there was an even smaller town a little away from my hometown called Lyle. I had a good friend who lived there and so I actually knew a lot of kids from that high school. Fast forward until now....

There is a girl that I have seen on base. And I just knew she looked familiar. I would kind of stare her down every time I did see her trying to figure it out. Today Harmony and I went up to a craft fair (btw got some fun stuff) and she was there. She saw me and said, " Do I know you from somewhere?" And I told her that is what I was thinking too. She asked if I was in boot camp with her and I tried really hard not to laugh. But I asked if she was from Lyle and she said yes. I was in shock. Once we exchanged our maiden names it all came into place. Is that not cool? How many thousands of miles are we from home and I meet someone from Lyle? It was crazy! I got her business card and so I can't wait to catch up. :)

How cool is that story?! It's a small world!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I forgot...

I forgot to mention something in my last post! Because I am soooo on top of things, I am writing out my Christmas card list. I usually sit and address them all the day after Thanksgiving when Ben is watching football!Anyway, I need to know how many to make ( or order if I go that route) and how many pictures to print off etc. Thanks to blogs and face book I have been in contact with people I haven't seen in forever. So if you want me to send you one, and I don't have your address, could you get it to me please? If you don't want to leave it on here, you can email it to me. If you don't have my email it is

Thanks everyone! And of course, I would love to get all of your Christmas cards! :)

still alive

Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged since Saturday. Wowsa. The fact is, there really isn't that much going on. Starting tomorrow however we will begin a very long weekend. Choir practice, a sleepover, babysitting, dinner with friends, trick or treating, Craft fair....whew. But right now the most exciting thing is that Ivan is almost done being potty trained! I never thought it would happen. And today I sent him off to school in underwear!!! Oh it is exciting times at the Turner home. Add in the fact that I cleaned out the closet under our stairs and you know that we have had an exciting week.

I do have a question for everyone. Not being on the mainland, I don't feel the crunch of the problems with our economy. I think it is different for us military folk. Living in housing we don't pay rent or utilities. However, our food budget is getting scary. How is everyone saving money these days? Or are you? I need some tips to start cutting costs. I have a lot of books on thrift but...just wondering about suggestions from people I know.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

a day of rest?

At the risk of sounding like an apostate, I am going to share my thoughts with you on this Sunday morning. I have been a member of the church my whole life. I have a testimony of the church. A strong one. However lately, I have not felt very motivated to go to church. In an effort to explain why, I would like to take you with me on an average Sunday morning at the Turner home....

Before church:
"Time to get up guys!"
" I don't want to go! Church is soooo boring!"
"Can I bring just one lego?"
"I can't find my church shoes!"
"I'm not hungry for breakfast, I'll just eat a snack at church."
"Kids, if there is a coloring book that you would like to bring, you need to put it in the church bag right now!"
"Harm brush out your hair."
"Have you looked for your shoes under the bed? In the closet?"
"Mom is this good enough?" "No you still have a million knots in there."
"Can I just wear my crocs?"
"No find your church sandals!"
"Mom can I bring cheetos and oreos for a snack today?" "No, are you insane?"
"Harm brush out your hair! You missed the entire back!"
"Can I please just wear flip flops?" " Fine just put on whatever shoes you can find!"
"Forget it Harm, I am going to do it." "Ow Mom that hurts. You are so mean. When I am a Mom I am not going to brush my daughters hair that hard!""yes you will, that's exactly what I told my Mom when I was your age."

Out the door...
"I forgot my scripture bag!"
" I never ate breakfast! I am starrrrrrving!"
"It's no fair, how come I always have to sit in the back of the van?"
"How come we can't watch a movie on the way to church?" "Because we live 2 minutes away." "What if it is a church movie?" " Like what?" "Well Scooby Doo is kind of a church movie." "How?" " Well they try to help people." "No".
"Well can we at least listen to our cds and not church music?" "NO".
"Connor snuck legos!"

Arriving at church...
Ben, " Why are you guys late?"

In the chapel...
" I don't want to sit by him!"
" I didn't want this coloring book!"
"Is this all we have for a snack?"
"Only take one piece of bread! I said one!"
"Ivan you are not allowed to be under the bench!"
"I want Daddy!"
" He wants my markers and I don't want to share!"
"How come I never get the big sticker book?"
"No you may not go get a drink, I told you to do that before we came in." "But we were late so you said to hurry up!"
" Don't dump out the OK pick them up. Try not to...scrunch them into the carpet."
Ben-" we really need to start bringing a mini vacum." Glare
"I am bored!"
"This prayer takes toooo long."
"Is it time to go yet?"
"I want Daddy","Marie, I can't take him I have to go and count." Glare
"You just have to sit through the last song and than a prayer and than you can go to primary."
"Pick up all your stuff...never mind I will do it just go!"

During the last two hours...
I make sure Ivan is in nursery, do they need any help?
Go to primary. Does anyone need copies? Do we have enough teachers?
"Could you go check on nursery?"
"You guys need to be quiet, we are still at church."
I make sure my three are somewhat behaving and help to keep the other kids in primary be quiet also.
"have you done your visiting teaching yet?" "Uhm...well no but I have good reasons!"

On the way home...
"I had to sit in the back on the way here!"
" Guess what_____________ did in primary?"
" Our teacher gave us a treat, ha ha you didn't get one"
"Why can't I ride with Daddy?" "Because he isn't coming home yet. He has to do tithing."
" Church is so boring."
" I forgot my scriptures!"
"Sister________ said you looked tired today."

After church....
Take a tylenol, a diet coke and a 2 hour nap

Do you see why I am lacking in motivation to get up and go to church? It is not a day of rest. Trust me. I do not feel like I am getting any new oil in my lamp. I don't listen to lessons that were planned for people over the age of 6. I don't sing a lot of hymns ( although I do love primary music). I don't read scriptures or say prayers. I don't sit next to women my age and get to talk about what is going on. We are too busy telling kids to "shhhh". Am I the only one who feels this way? I can't possibly. But how do I get it back? I have been in primary/nursery for almost my whole married life. I love the women that I work with. I like being with the kids. I just wish for well some oil to be put back into my lamp...


I saw this on my friends blog and just had to do it. Although I am not sure it is accurate....
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Family photos

Awhile ago, Ivan's teacher gave me the email of another Mom at the school, who has a son with autism. This lady was willing to talk to me and give me help and advice. So I got her email and sent her a message. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be someone I knew. I just didn't know her last name!! Our kids play together at the park all the time! Anyway, she is also a scrapbooker. So in between emails, it came out that she is looking to take photography classes and wants to open up her own studio. So I asked if she would be willing to take our family photos for Christmas cards this year. She was more than willing. The best part? She didn't charge us!! We just gave permission for her to use them in her portfolio. She gave me a disc with all the pictures and so I can print off how many I want, in what color, what size etc. No having to worry about what package I want. Our first appt. was rained out but we were lucky to squeeze it in this last Saturday. The family is moving on the 29th so there was a time crunch!

Anyway I got the cd yesterday and wanted to share. But now I have a problem....

Ever since I was introduced to Stampin Up by a certain person (Deborah!!) I have been making my own Christmas cards. If I don't make them, I get a comment from people about why I didn't. I usually do a card, photo and newsletter right? Well I like to include a 4x6 because I think those pictures are a little easier to deal with. So here is my question for all of you...

Because we got such cute photos this year, I was thinking of doing my cards online at Shutterfly. That way you get more than one picture. Then just write the newsletter. No homemade card, just lots of pictures.

Option 2 I make my own card but you only get 1 photo

I am leaning towards option .Nice and easy. But I do still have time to make them if I want. And I enjoy making them ( once I get an idea anyway) grrr...opinions please!


Which is exactly what Ivan said when he went pee pee on the potty today!!!! We have been told by many people, that kids with autism can take a little bit longer to potty train than "regular" kids. Well yesterday he went ( after a little prompting) and today he TOLD me. So excited. I can't believe this! :) WAHOO!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

love notes

So this morning Ethan comes down wanting an envelope. So I gave him one and started to put his letters in it. He writes notes to his teacher all the time. Anyway, he said one of the letters was not for his teacher, but it was for Brooke. Ethan has been "in love" with Brooke since last year. I asked him what the note said, and he told me, " well it is a love note." He let me read it so I hurried and wrote it down. Here it is....(spelling is his also)

Dear Brooke,
Villets are Blue
Roses are red
you fly through me
and you and so do I

By unown
Love your secret admirer

I asked him how he knows when he loves someone. His answer..."Because of their eyes." That was it.Nothing deeper. That boy, is just the sweetest little thing.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Never tell Mom that you are...

BORED! Last night, " Mom I am so bored....but I don't want to have to clean anything! Wait no Mom!" Poor Ethan. He said the magic word. He got to take out the garbage and go put a couple of loads of laundry away.

My Mom used to always say to us, " well if you are bored I can think of all sorts of things for you to do!"

So now it looks like, what goes around comes around!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween x 4

Unlike some of my friends, I don't really get into Halloween. I just don't. I don't really see the point of the holiday. And costumes...well I only like "cute" ones. And it seems they are all the gorey ones. Plus they are not cheap and they wear them for like an hour. Ok I know bah humbug...or whatever you say at Halloween.

This year, the Girl Scout Halloween party was a little early this year. However I still put off getting costumes. So I finally went in and everything was 30% off! Nice. Now of course things were picked over but I still managed to find some cute costumes. They were $7 each. Not bad!

We are really going to get our money's worth this year because we have 3 Halloween parties and the actual Halloween night. So 4 uses! I am pretty happy with that. Of course Ben and I go as the same thing every year, a Mom and a Dad.

Last night we went to the GS party. The kids had fun running around like crazy. Harmony was very bummed that she didn't win an award for costumes but what are you going to do right? I thought they looked cute and that's all that matters. :) So now we are 1 party down 3 more to go...btw this doesn't include anything having to do with school/class parties!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last night, Ben was so sweet and made me some fried rice. I love fried rice. Anyway, while he was cooking it, some of the hot oil splashed out of the pan...and down his leg. His leg had a huge welt/burn area, and his foot has red splotches everywhere. I feel awful. It happened just because he was trying to do something nice for me. Poor baby! But of course, he is not going to the clinic or anything like that. It looks awful. It really does. What should I do to make it up to him?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

post happy

3 posts in a day? Whew! But I just found this quilt giveaway. It is beautiful. I am trying to win and I get 5 extra entries for posting this on my blog. But please do not enter. You will make it harder for me to win! :)

the most important meal of the day

I admit, I am really bad about making breakfast for the kids. Usually it is cold cereal or breakfast cookies ( made by Quaker, not me). I actually do not have very many breakfast ideas/recipes. I know that it is important for me to send them off with nice full bellies though. This morning I got up and made them breakfast. And I was shocked at how much they ate! Here are the details of what it takes to feed the Turner 4:

1 dozen eggs ( Harmony was bummed that there were not enough for seconds)
3 slices of ham cut into the eggs
1 whole bag of Thomas English muffins ( with butter & honey)
1 entire can of oj

And that is just for 4 kids! Please pray for a Costco/BJ's/Sams Club to come to Guam!

"say no to...what is it Mom?"

Connor came home from school, with an assignment to make a "Say no to drugs" poster. So I made nice big letters for him so that he could color it in. When he finished I asked if he wanted to add anything else. He replied that he wanted to draw a picture of drugs in a circle with a line through it. I told him good idea and left him to it. A little later he comes up to me...

C-" Mom I drew a can of pop with a line through it."
M-"Why pop? Pop isn't a drug."
C-"It's not?"
M-" Nope."
C-" OK well I will do a bag of chips then."
M-" What? Connor chips aren't drugs either. Do you know what drugs are?"
C-" They are things that are bad for your body."
M-" Well, in our world, we have things that are rrrrreally bad for our body."
C-" Like candy?"
M-" It is worse than candy." His eyes get HUGE.
C-"worse than candy?"

I tried to explain it. I really did. But he is just so sweet and innocent that he couldn't fathom anything worse than candy. It just makes me not want to send him out into the world for a.very.long.time!


If you have read my previous post, you know we had a busy weekend. I would love to have a more simple life, however it hasn't happened yet! But I saw this at a blog I like to look at and so I thought I would do it. It's a weekly thing, so we will see how often I do it. But it looks fun!

Outside my window...It is dark and grey. A storm is on the way!

I am thinking...I need to get my home clean and organized.

I am thankful for...meeting friends at the mall (unplanned) and having lunch together.

I am wearing...a blue v-neck shirt, capri's and flips

I am creating...a den flag for Ethan's den

I am where for the rest of the day

I am reading...notes home from teachers

I am hoping...for a nice quiet evening

I am hearing...excited children home from school

Around the house...messy

One of my favorite kiddo's

A few plans for the rest of the week...planning for Cub Scouts, ordering books for book fair, menu plan(tonight)Halloween party on Friday

From the kitchen...S'mores cookies from Pillsbury

girl scouts +cub scouts= one busy family

( I know this is not the best picture, but I was driving! This huge caribou was in the middle of the highway when we were driving to GS)
Once has been another loooong weekend for the Turner fam. I could've sworn we were trying to take a step back and not have so much on our plates. Hmmm, looks like we might have failed on that front. And I have Cub Scouts again in 2 days! Yikes. is the rundown...Friday we went swimming. Until Mom and Connor were freezing to death. ( Yes on Guam). We ignored please for McD's and went straight home. We put the kids to bed and Ben and I watched The Office. :) I love, love,LOVE that show!

Saturday morning, Harmony and I were up at the crack of dawn to go to the Girl Scout yard sale. We accidentally woke the boys up and so they came with us. Last year Connor found a huge box of Legos for $5. Not so much luck for the boys this time. However, Harmony found a ginormous bag of Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shop for $5. She was in heaven. We came home and made a nice huge breakfast and cleaned. Then we watched conference. Ben took Harm and Connor to the airport in the evening, and Ethan and I cuddled and watched Prisoner of Azkaban.

Sunday more conference. And of course Ben enjoyed watching the Ducks win.

Monday Harmony had an all day Girl Scout day. Connor had a Cub Scout puppet show up at a Japanese school. So we dropped Harm and her friend off at GS and then went to the puppet show. It was really cute. All of the pictures looked like anime. They did a great job and the boys loved it. After that we came home and I cleaned out the fridge. Very exciting stuff. Ben took Ethan to the beach later and they both went out snorkeling. Ethan loved it and wants to go today.

And there you have it. Our muy exciting weekend!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I did not forget...

I didn't. I swear on my life. Friday (for me) I thought to myself, "ok it is the 10th for me, so I need to call my sister tomorrow." Then Saturday morning came and I asked Ben what day and time it was in the states. He said it is the 10th but it is only like 3. So I told myself, "ok she is still at work, I'll call in a few hours" and as Saturdays go, it got busy. And by the time I had a chance to call, it was verrrrry late in the states. So I didn't call. But it wasn't because I forgot. It is just the time difference. I swear! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLA! I love you and I did NOT forget about you!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

4 x 5

I am sitting here waiting for some people to come and install emergency lights in our stairs. So far they are only an hour late. So I got this email from my Mom but decided to answer it here. Here we go...

4 places I go frequently: commissary, NEX,school, church
4 people I frequently recieve emails from: Girl Scout stuff, Cub scout stuff, Ben and a lot of other people!
4 places I love to eat: Applebees, Cheesecake Factory, Ruby Tuesdays, Subway
4 tv shows I watch: The Office, Bones, a lot of Disney shows, and a lot of Noggin shows
4 people I tag to do this on their blog...Beth, Cindy, Becky, Tiffany

Have fun girls!

trouble maker

Every day, the children in Ethan's class, start the day with 3 smiley faces. If they have bad behavior, one gets turned over. If all three get turned over, you get a note sent home.

The other night, I made baked beans to go along with our dinner. Ethan REFUSED to eat them. He whined, cried, kicked a stool etc. So I sent him off to bed nice and early.

The next morning, he comes home from school, and doesn't want to show me his folder. That can't be good right? A note from his teacher that he had a very bad day. He had been teasing another student, and when he was asked to stop he didn't. Finally his teacher talked to him about it, and he flat out lied to her. I was so unhappy with him. I talked to Ben, and he was very tough on him. One week of no video games for every smile turned over. 3 weeks of no video games.But I thought oh surely, he has learned and he won't get in trouble again...

Oh how I was wrong. He came home from school and he didn't answer when I welcomed him home and asked how his day was. He just started crying. I said oh please no, Ethan. Another note home. They were giving parts out in a play,and he couldn't keep his hands off another boy. So he lost his part in the play! Then he was pouting for the rest of the day. So he didn't do his work. So I get a note home from his teacher, who would call me about everything. Oiy. She actually didn't call but I am anxious to talk to her....not really!

Ethan was given the chance to write me a letter, before his teacher called, here is what he wrote:
"When I got to be in a play. When we where geting are parts. I sqeysed Tyler he told on me and I lost my part of a tadpole and at lunch I cried the hole time and at resese to and I want a part in the play. I wish hvent do it. please don't add 3 more weeks of gronding. please don't. I think your buietyful!"

I admit I started laughing at the end! However, Ben took away his DS for another 3 weeks, and all his pokemon cards. He would have lost scouts too if it wasn't in his house! He better have a better day today because the kid is going to have nothing to do...but bug me!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

the trap

I have been feeling way tired lately. And also way lazy. And I think it has to do with one thing. I have stopped using my timer when I am on the computer. It crept back on me so easy. It is a trap, I tell yah. The internet is my addiction. So starting again, I will be limiting myself. So I will see you all later!

Monday, October 06, 2008

brother bond

When I found out that I was preggo with Connor, I wanted to kill Ben. Seriously. I was so upset.I felt bad for Ethan that his turn at being the baby had been cut so short.

When I had my ultra-sound and found out it was another boy, I felt bad. I thought that since the boys were so close in age they probably wouldn't get along very well. Having to share friends, rooms, toys etc.

What I wasn't prepared for, was the incredibly close bond that those two have. Now don't get me wrong, those two can fight with the best of them. But, it is amazing to me to see them when they are together.

They giggle, and whisper secrets. They talk about Legos, Indiana Jones and video games. They share jokes. They do some gross boy things. They walk to the bus stop together. They make sure that the other one is ok. They sit by each other on the bus. They are not just brothers but friends.

My favorite thing that they do, by far, is their "bestest brother sleepovers". I told them that by sharing a room, they have sleepovers every night. They don't see it that way though! So it is becoming a regular thing, to go in and find them both asleep on the same bed. Usually it is just the two of them, but I think they would let Ivan if he went right to sleep and didn't bug them. Usually when you find them like this, there are legos on the bed also!

I went in to check on them last night, and found them asleep on Connor's bed. So I just had to snap pictures and remember this moment. Ahhhh...boys!


Speaking of brother bonds, although the other two are not quite as close with Ivan, they still want to help him. Ivan is very picky about how his legos are "fixed". So usually I just have Ethan and Connor do it! One day Ivan was very unhappy with how I had put his ship back together, so I said my usual line, " Well have Connor help you when he gets home." And Ivan pipes up with, "Mommy you go get Connor school. He need help me." Nice try Ivan. But as you can see by the pictures, as soon as he got home he helped his little brother! I love these boys!

girl in a whirl

Oh my heck! I just finished writing 4 new dates on my calender. The whole month of October is almost completely filled. Yikes. No wonder I feel tired just looking at that darn calender!:)

So we had a way busy weekend. It actually started before that. So lets just begin, shall we? I have 2.5 hours until my next appt. so there is no time to dawdle!

Harmony joined a 4th & 5th grade choir who would be singing at the ribbon cutting ceremony of their new school. This consisted of practices two times a week. As the ceremony, got closer, Harmony asked me if I was going to go and watch her. I told her of course, when had I missed anything of hers. She let me know that when she was in 2nd grade I missed 1 out of 4 of her Honor Roll ceremonies. I do not remember that ( as I am sure I would have Mommy guilt) but I assured her I would be there. I hurried to the gym and found a perfect "picture taking" seat. Ben was able to come and so we sat and waited. Well, instead of having the choir stand in front of the audience, they just had them stand up in their seats and sing the Guam hymn after the National Anthem. And many kids from the stands, joined in. Not what I was expecting, but at least she can't say I wasn't there!! Ben just thought it was cool because the astraunot who came, has been on the Colbert Report!

Friday we were supposed to get our family pictures taken. Unfortunatley, beach pictures and the rainy season don't always go hand in hand. We will be trying again soon. Instead we stayed up late and ate Chinese food.

Because our branch is so small, a lot of the families overlap when it comes to home/visit teaching. So the guys decided that the best way to get it all done...was to hang out as families on the beach once a month. So we tried to do that this Saturday. Only three of us were able to come but hopefully we will have more next time! Thank you Langs for letting us play on your jet ski,and thanks Lallatins for letting us borrow life jackets! We had a blast and the kids haven't stopped talking about it!

Unfortunatley we couldn't stay at the beach for too long. I had to take the boys to a Cub Scout bowling day,and Harmony had a birthday party. So I dropped Harm off and the boys and I went to the bowling alley. We haven't been "real" bowling in a while, so I had to remind them that the bowling balls were a little heavier than the Wii controller! Ethan won a round of bowling! However both boys cried when they didn't win a laptop in the raffle! Actually they didn't win anything. So Mom get them ice cream.

We got home around 6:30 and Ben and Ivan were no where to be found. Ben took him to get McD's and Legos!

The kids were sooo tired and they headed to bed early. Ivan and I fell asleep about 5 minutes later on the couch!

Harmony was tired and cranky on Saturday morning and was so glad it was conference weekend. Sorry babe. We are still trying to get used to the fact that we don't have conference until next weekend!

Today was grocery shopping, home visits, cub scouts and...the list continues!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

To all of my Loyal readers

I apologize for my lack in blogging. I am insanely busy right now. But don't worry, I will be back soon! :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

calling all popcorn lovers...

Grrr! I know that no one is reading this blog to be sold too. But,now that I have two boys in cub scouts...They are selling popcorn for their fundraiser. Don't worry, Harmony has cookies coming up soon!:) If you are interested in donating money to the cause it would be much appreciated. They are trying to get a code so that we can order online but until then...Thanks for all your help!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lots of love...just not for Mom

Ivan and I had a few errands to run today. So we were leaving Ross when he just started talking up a storm. He let me know that..." I love legos, hamburs (what he calls hamburgers)and Ethan. But no Mom's. I don't love Moms." :(