Thursday, June 29, 2006


A tag of different sorts...
I Am a daughter of God, a wife, mother, sister, friend, aunt, niece, scrapooker, a dork

I WANT a flat stomach, my kids to listen to me, all the money that we need, contentment, someone else to make dinner

I HAVE more blessings than I realize, 4 nutty kids, a hottie husband, great friends, flabby arms, an icee spilled on my pants ( thanks Ivan)

I WISH time could stand still sometimes, that I had more self confidence, that I didn't have icee on my pants, that bedtime would come sooner

I HATE rude people, money because there is never enough, people who smoke right in front of you, lying, when my kids don't put their dishes in the sink

I MISS my family, the west coast, maple bars, Nalleys chili, not having to watch what I eat,

I HEAR Ivan's infamous screaming, Even Stevens, Ethan playing with the hose, Harmony laughing at whatever book she is reading

I WONDER why my kids go to bed late but still get up early, when I will be able to read my book

I REGRET not saving more money while Ben was gone, not keeping better contact with people, buying Ethan an enormous squirt gun, not getting any scrapping done last night

I AM NOT as strong as I want to be, as good of a wife as I want to be, as good as a mother as I want to be

I DANCE with the kids in the kitchen, to Lazy Town, whenever Ben asks me

I SING badly in my car, to the kids, with the kids, and at church

I AM NOT ALWAYS healthy, kind, positive, aware, strong

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS dinner, laundry piles, wanna be good scrapbook pages,

I WRITE on my blog too much

I CONFUSE my directions, my math, my kids( although I do know who they are-honest)

I NEED patience, Ben, money, a diet coke and love

I SHOULD go do something, start being thrifty, hold my tongue in certain situations, not be so judgemental

I START arguments, plans, projects, cleaning the house

I FINISH very little....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back in the saddle...

Ben work this morning. Doesn't take long does it? Actually he just has to go check in with his Captain so he can officially start his leave. He is also on a quest to find his 2 missing Seabags. Before he came home he sent a huge trunk home of stuff and so the kids have been helping him go through his "Army man stuff". Connor wanted to know if he had brought his guns home. That kid worries me just a little...

So we went to see Cars...kind of. Ben and the older kids watched it. Ivan and I sat in the car. He was screaming and crying and trying to walk up and down the aisles. No fun. So we sat in the car and he took a nap. I was bored stiff. The kids loved the movie though. I told Ben that next time, Ivan and I will stay home thank you very much!

I am sure this is going to sound winey and complaining but...I am so tired of being overweight, fat whatever you want to call it. I am very unhappy with the way that I look. I know Ben loves me the way I am and so do my friends and rest of my family. But isn't it also important to be happy with yourself? I think so. I am going back to Weight Watchers tonight. This is going to be my last time of starting over. I am going to do it this time. I have Ben here so that I can exercise even if the kids are sick or some other thing stands in my way. OK so there you have it. I am going to lose weight starting tomorrow. Not today because I have to go back today...Anyway, it is now out in public...I am going to lose weight and look all hot and sexy so the next time they want volunteers to go to some dangerous place Ben will think twice! LOL!

Monday, June 26, 2006

HE'S HOME!!!!!!

OK, can you tell I am happy? I am elated!

Ben called me sometime during the week to tell me that the original 2:00 flight would now be at 6:00 instead. We got the house cleaned and went to the dollar store and got balloons. The kids wanted to get 10 balloons but I convinced them to just get 4. One from each kid. It was pouring down rain on Sat. so they weren't interested in carrying 10 balloons! So we went with 4.

When we got to the airport, the kids noticed that there were 2 playgrounds. Ethan told me he would just wait out there and play until Daddy came home. I was like I don't think so buddy. We went inside and at the top of the escalator were a group of Seabees. I had bought the kids matching shirts that said " My Daddy is a Seabee. We Build. We fight." Everybody loved them and kept calling them the "little recruits". The kids were happy because they had a kids waiting room filled with toys.

Finally they said that the plane had arrived so we all went down to the baggage claim to meet them. They started filing in, but where was Ben? The kids kept asking me, " Is that him?" Finally, here he came. We just ran and hugged and cried. It was wonderful. I had realized on my way there that I had forgot my camera. Luckily he had his in his backpack. It wasn't a digital though so it will take a little bit to get them developed.

Anyway...I was worried about what Ivan would do. I had left him in his stroller and Ben leaned down to see him and Ivan reached up and gave him a kiss. He has been very cuddly with him and it's been wonderful.

Today we are off to the Y and then to go see the long awaited Cars. The kids are excited.

Life is good. I am sooo glad he's home! And I even get to go get milk all by myself today! :)

Friday, June 23, 2006


**~Some days my house is clean

**~Some days I don't yell at my kids

**~Some days I am ok with not being the perfect weight

**~Some days I make healthy meals

**~Some days I am faithful

**~ Some days I am strong

**~Some days I can keep my patience

**~ Some days I laugh when I feel like crying

**~Some days I am a good friend

**~ Some days I am creative

**~Some days I am grateful for all that I have been through

**~ Some days I am happy to be me

....although today is not one of those days! :(

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lovin' the anyway

Ben got to call me yesterday. A couple of times. :) I wish he were with me instead of Indiana but I only have 2 days left. Yep, only two! Ben had been told that he could fly home early if he paid for it himself. So we had it all arranged and the first available flight had him landing at 9pm on Saturday. But yesterday, he called and said that they had changed schedules and that everyone would be flying home on Sat. The military flight gets in at 2 pm! So we canceled his other flight and I get him home 7 hours earlier and for FREE! Usually the Navy is not so accomadating!

I haven't been able to sleep the past few nights. Anxious I guess. Last night at midnight I couldn't sleep so decided to clean house. Wierd. I know. Then up at 7! I just can't get myself to bed earlier!

Connor has changed his mind about the whole pirate thing. I asked him why he didn't want to be a pirate anymore and his answer? " because my tatoo washed off."

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ode to Dr Suess

"I sat there with Harmony, we sat there we two, and I said, " How I wish we had something to do!" Too hot to go out, to hot to play ball, so we sat in the house, we did nothing at all. And all we could do was to sit, sit, sit and we did not like it. Not one little bit!"

It's too hot! I hate VA summers! I am not a fan of humidity whatsoever. I am not really that big a fan of summer. I like going to the beach, the pool, and not having a strict schedule. But I can't stand the heat. All I want to do is sit by the a/c. So do the kids! They get too hota nd so we are stuck inside. It's not fun. Now technically we could go and do something today but I kind of got a late start to the day...thanks to not having a strict schedule!

We did go to the zoo with some friends on Monday. Yesterday, she took the kids so that I could go grocery shopping by myself. What a treat! It's the little things we take for granted!

Ben is back in the good ol' USA. I am so happy. We were told that families were not supposed to be at the airport in Indianapolis, so we were just waiting for him to come home here. However, he said they had about 15 people there waiting for them. No fair! Oh well..patience is a virtue. I guess. Not a fun one though!

It's time to get back to work. These are not the best pictures I have ever taken at the zoo but the kids were so excited about playing in the fountains they didn't stay still for very long! That was their favorite part...getting dippin' dots and playing in the fountains. Good times!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Little Trooper

I'm experimenting with color...Anyway...Harm had her first incident at 8:30. But by 9 am she said she thought she could make it through church. So I put all of the kids shoes back on and herded them out the door. We got there really late but hey we were there! Poor Harm though. As soon as she gets in the building she runs to the bathroom and throws up. I told her that since we got here we were going to stay for Sacrament Mtg and then we would go. She said she would try to go to class though. And she did! She made it through the last 2 hours just fine. It was nice to actually go to church today! Harmony drives me crazy sometimes becauase she can be really wimpy. Lately though, she has shown me just how tough she can be. I am proud of her. She is my little trooper.

With it being Fathers Day, as we were driving to church really late, it brought back memories of Dad. When the girls would walk in late to church with wet hair, and he would watch us as we walked and we knew we were in for it! Not that he got us in trouble or anything just let us know that we were not to come to church late and/or with wet hair. Ah memories. I am waiting for Dad's line to be free so that I can wish him a Happy Fathers Day.

Ben spent his Fathers Day in a tent. We will try to make up for it this week!

Never Ending...

Does it ever end? I had all the kids ready to go to church, I had even packed snacks last night, and what happens? It's Harmonys turn. She kept telling me that she didn't feel good, but nothing happened. The next thing I know she is in the bathroom throwing up. I knew it was a matter of time before she got sick but I thought it had passed by her. Nope. So once again we are home on Sunday. I don't get very much out of church these days, thanks to the kids, but I know I need to be there. Ecspecially for the fellowship. Because of the time Ben's flight comes in, I don't think we will be there next Sunday either. That will be a total of 4 weeks missed. I wish there was another way...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lazy Summer Days

What a lazy day! The kids had a "sleepover" in the living room last night. I don't know what the appeal of sleeping downstairs is but they love it. So I let them get there sleeping bags out and they all slept downstairs. They stayed up late so they slept in. Which meant I got to sleep in. Nice.

We went to the ward picnic, after a quick trip to Target. I swear, what did people do before they had Target? Anyway, we got to the picnic and the kids ran around and played. I sat around and talked like I usually do. Although hmmm where was Cindy? Who said she was coming? She must have been hiding or something. the first of the picnice Ivan was a little clingy. Where it gets annoying he was clingy. But he quickly realized where the food was. So I would be sitting talking and realize that Ivan had taken off. Where was he? Digging into the cookies. That kid!

We won't home after awhile and put Ivan down for a nap. The big kids and I all sat down and watched Scooby Doo. We have been really lazy, can you tell? After dinner the kids went out to play. Ivan has discovered how fun it is to play outside. The kids love to push him around in cars and various things.

I got Ben's itinerary (sp?) and he will be home next Sat. One week left. It was going to be Monday the 26th but no longer. So we are now at a week left. This time next week I will be trying to keep the kids busy until it is time to go to the airport. I can't wait! He said tonight they are sleeping in tents in Kurzikstan. He is having some exciting times over there.

Anyway, I have to go get our church stuff ready for tomorrow. We had a 2 weeks hiatus, I am not even sure where the kids church clothes are!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

10 days and counting....

It is almost done. This deployment is coming to an end. I am emotional, excited, anxious and ready. Well kind of ready. I have a lot to do in those 10 days...lose 50 lbs, clean the house, declutter toys, clean the yard, and on and on and on. Ben says that he just wants to be home. He doesn't care if it is clean or dirty he just wants to be home. I believe that. However, maybe it is the perfectionist in me ( that I never knew was there!) or the wife in me...someone needs this whole thing to be perfect. For him to come home and think "yep, this is what I have been missing." Insecurities I guess.

Today was nuts. This was the final day of my neighbors move and so I had her kids for the majority of the day. 7 kids 6 and under and then later 9 kids 7 and under. Makes for a lot of I'm hungries, I'm thirsties, whining, fighting etc. A long day but I know the kids and I are going to miss them. It was sad watching all of the kids say goodbye.

The best part of the day came at the end when the kids sat and watched Tom& Jerry and were cracking up. I sat with my best cuddler, Connor and he told me that he doesn't want to be a builder when he grows up anymore. He wants to be a pirate. But a good pirate. I mean what other kind is there?

I am off to veg. I deserve it. After I don't know how many years of watching it, Law and Order still hasn't lost it's appeal....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


"Mommy, I only have 3 words for you. Totally starved"- Connor

After eating a powdered doughnut..." don't worry Mommy. If your mouth gets dirty from doughnuts you can just lick it clean." -Ethan

After flushing the toilet/ letting water out of the bathtub, " Don't worry! All drains lead to the ocean!" -Ethan ( he does that every time! This is from the movie Finding Nemo.)

"Mommy, I have a cool face but it's also cute."-Connor

Love those little stinkers!


OK, I feel like I have totally disappeared off the face of the Earth. I haven't talked to friends for a long time and haven't gone anywhere. It's not my fault though! The kids are all feeling better but my neighbors are moving this week. Tomorrow is their last day actually. So I have been trying to be a good friend and help babysit. Wow, I have had her kids a lot this week! In an effort to help, our schedule has been completely thrown off. I am glad I can help...just worn out! I promise I will resume my regular life in a few days.

Harmony's last day is today. Kind of. Tomorrow they go in and are scheduled to be there for 2 hours. However, I am not going to drag all the kids over there just to turn around and be back in a little while. All she is supposed to do is pick up her report card. I am not worried about her report card or anything so today is her official last day. The kids want to have a sleep over in the living room. I promised that they could once Harm was done with school so tonight is the night!

I got to talk to Ben yesterday. They had gone to the out briefings, which is supposed to help them in going back to their "regular life". He also said that they had already had their baggage go to customs. He isn't quite sure when he leaves though.

We are getting some rain courtesy of Hurricane Alberto. Luckily, the termite guy got here yesterday before it rained. We haven't had any for a long time but this was a much more thorough treatment.

Friday we are going to head to the zoo with a friend of the boys. We saw them at Target yesterday and the boys are excited. Of course Harm will have to be dragged along but she likes the zoo so it's all good.

So obviously, my life has been a little nuts lately. That is why I don't have anything that exciting to talk about. One more day of babysitting....

Sunday, June 11, 2006


I just wrote this whole big update and what happens? I lose it. I don't know what happened to it. Don't you hate that? So here I go again...

It has been a week since Ethan first got sick. Today he woke up and threw up again. I hope this ends soon. We have been stuck in the house for a week and we are getting cabin fever!!

Harmony had a sleepover on Friday. She and her friend Jessie stayed up until 11 watching Disney Channel and playing Barbies. I was the one that made them go to bed, they were still going strong. Jessie is moving on Thursday and so this was their last chance for a sleep over. Harm has 4 days left of school. They are all early release and she doesn't have to wear a uniform. So she was pretty happy about that. We had a conflict this week. I bought her this little beauty kit from Target and didn't realize that it had hair streaks in it. I finally let her put some in on Friday. Purely because they wash out. I am making her wash them out today though. Too bad she has like 4 or 5 more packets!

Ethan, obviously, is still not feeling quite well. He has been a trooper this week though. Ecspecially when Ivan threw up on his blanket. Poor kid. He has been busy this morning drawing pictures and dictating letters. He wrote a letter to Heather and free hand drew stars. They look great! Better than any that I have ever made. He is anxious for Ben to come home so that he can go and watch "the red race car movie" aka Cars. I told him he has to wait until his Dad comes home. I did convince him to wait until the day after Ben comes home...not on the very day!

Connor asked me what I was doing and I told him writing on my blog. He then asked me what a blog is. I told him that it was a place for Mommy to write about all the stinky stuff that he does. He just said ok. No trying to convince me that he doesn't do stinky things. Just ok. He told me the other day that he misses his preschool. His teacher made him a scrapbook and he hasn't stopped looking at it. Even though he misses preschool he said he wasn't quite ready for summer to be all done. He still wants to go to swim lessons, play at the beach, go to the spray park and play with his cousin Vale. We have had a huge discussion lately about cousins. He hasn't seen any for so long that he thought Vale was his only one. No more leaving the boys home during family reunions! Either everyone goes or none of us do! It's the hard part about living so far away!

Ivan is feeling somewhat better. Except now he is really worn out. He kind of walks around like a drunken sailor or something. He is really clumsy. He had a rough morning because his brothers woke him up early, he pinched his fingers in the pantry door and then walked right into the edge of the desk. I hope the kid doesn't get a black eye! He is such a busy boy right now. No book shelf is safe. I have put so many jackets back on books and put videos back in their spots. The kitchen garbage cans have had to be the laundry room. It was the only safe place because I can close the door. with a not quite toddler....

Ben left Mazar last week. I am not sure if I am supposed to say where he is so I won't. But he has left MeS. I know right now he is kind of playing a waiting game. Although I can't remember all the dates he told me I seem to think they will be in the states by the 20th. It will be nice when he gets back to the states so I can call him during the day. I wish he was flying straight home but he's not. It is going to be so nice to have him back. He has been gone for soooo long. I am ready to feel whole again.

As for me...well my life doesn't change that much. It all depends on what the kids are doing!Does that seem right? I guess at this stage yes it does! I feel like I have a ton to do before Ben gets home so these kids better stop throwing up! Life at the's crazy. Honestly though I wouldn't change it!

***no babies were hurt in an effort to take that picture***

Friday, June 09, 2006

Spoke 2 Soon...

Ivan woke up and proceeded to throw up. So much for our streak. At least it is just one kid and not all of them. I am still waiting on Harmony. Luckily she is at school all day so maybe the lack of togetherness is keeping her well.

Ethan looked at me today and said, " Mommy all of this throw up is making my brain hurt."

Me too Ethan, me too...

24 hrs throw up free!!!

Whoo-hoo! 24 hours ( almost) and no throwing up. Plus all of my kids slept all night. I didn't have to get up with anyone. Woke up and had an email from Ben. So far so good.

I am glad that Harmony wears a uniform to school. Sure I miss the "back to school" shopping of new outfits BUT I don't miss fighting with her every morning over what she wears. Today is a dress down day meaning no uniform. She brings an outfit down and the shirt is not quite covering her stomach. " Don't worry Mom, I will just pull my pants up." Still doesn't quite cover it. I know this isn't an attempt to look like some celebrity or anything. She just loves that shirt. Grandma Harmon sent it to her for Valentines Day and she has now grown out of it. Oh well. She seems to have had a growth spurt over night. Anyway, finally put my foot down and made her change. Told her she could wear the other for pj's. She comes down and looks "like a nice primary girl" and then she notices that the sun has come out. Back up to change. I hope she wears a uniform in every school she goes too... Makes my mornings easier!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

where are the cashews?

OK, after my whiner post yestereday I will stop. I promise. I was up last night with Connor and Ivan. To add insult to injury...Ivan has diarea (sp?) and so has such bad diaper rash. He will barely straddle his legs if I have him on my hip. Poor kidd-o. Connor threw up around 1 am and then did pretty well. This morning though...his blood sugar had gone really low and he was shaking. I gave him some diluted apple juice and crackers for breakfast. Of course Ethan had to rub it in his face that he got a pop tart. Booger. Connor is so skinny already...I don't want that kid losing any weight! an attempt to find the cashews in my life (again) I am making another list.Counting my blessings or finding the cashews if you will...

**Scooby Doo- I know that is an odd one but true. He is the only one that can break the barrier. It is both a boy and girl movie. Everybody is happy with it and there is no more boy vs girl problems.

**Diet Coke rewards program-Yes, I drink way too much diet coke. Way too much. But at least I earn points for what I do drink!

**buying wholesale. Sometimes it is not cheaper to buy things wholesale. I know that. is nice to go get a huge box of Club crackers and not have to keep going back to the store for more in a couple of days.

** a husband who makes me forget my problems. I got to chat with Ben for awhile because he hadn't left yet. As we got to talking...I completely forgot what was going around me. Just lost in my little world with him.

**fluffy pillows. Thanks to my termite infestation I went and bought new pillows. But man are they nice. Ben is going to think that they are too thick and put one on the floor every night I know it. I love 'em though!

**finding things on clearance. I try to be a savvy shopper and so I use coupons, shop sales etc. Well while my boys were taking naps, my neighbor took the monitor and I went to Target. I got so much stuff. They were clearancing out their pantry and I was getting family size mac & cheese for .37! Yay me!

**for emails from my Mom telling me to hang in there.

** for all of the snuggles that I have been getting from my " little handsomes."

I should have put alarm clocks because Harmony isn't up yet and now we are going to have the mad dash of getting her ready for school. Thank heaven there are only 6 days left!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mental & Emotional Breakdown

This week...well it has been long. Extra long. No wonder I am one day ahead of myself. Yesterday I kept telling everyone that it was Wed. I almost didn't let Harm where a dress to school because I thought it was pe for her. She was the one that looked at me like I had lost it.

My Mentor-of-all-things-Navy-wife ie. Cindy ( you know you are!) has been doing deployments a lot longer than I have. We were talking one day about how at the end of a deployment, you might think it would get easier but it's not true. It gets harder. Emotionally, physically and mentally.

The boys being sick this week has just been a nightmare. By Tues. Ethan was eating normally ( oh wait yeah that was yesterday) but Ivan had picked it up. It is hard enough to see your big kids throw up, let alone a little 16 mo. old. I finally got around to doing my grocery shopping at 9pm! Got home at 10 and talked to my friend/neighbor. Since her husband is deployed to, we often pick things up that are needed. It works. Anyway...I didn't get to bed until midnight. Then what do I hear 2 hours later? Ivan crying and screaming. If you have never heard Ivan scream...well lets just say it's not fun. Eventually he calmed down and went back to sleep until 3. Then there was nothing else I could do but get him out. We came down stairs and snuggled, drifting in and out. The 3 big kids woke up before 6. It was not fun. Of course, here comes Connor and he throws up. Great! I get to do this again. This "bug" has been lasting for about 2 days except for me who has had it the whole time.

I went and restocked on the "brat" diet as we have been going through it so fast. I check my email and I get an email from Ben saying they haven't left yet. Flight was canceled again. Is he ever going to come home? Hmmm we will see.

I don't mean to whine and complain because I hate that. Right now it feels like I am at the end of my rope....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Stuck Inside...

I don't know where this little bug came from. But I don't like it. This is our 3rd day of not being able to go anywhere or do anything. Sunday morning Ethan woke up throwing up. He acted fine by lunch time so I let him eat a little bit. all came right back up. He took a huge nap, woke up and threw up some more. Since he took such a big nap, he stayed up late. Grrr because he was awake at 5 throwing up again. However by this time...there was nothing left to throw up. By about noon he was feeling fine. Tired but fine. Phew thank heaven. However, I am not feeling that great. Thanks a lot Ethan! We were doing pretty well this morning-I thought. I was still not feeling well and when I went in to get Ivan. There was poop all over his bed. He had an exploding diaper. By this time I am totally disgusted. We get in the car, I drop Harm off at school. Which, she complains about the smell the whole time. I get back and Ivan throws up in his seat. That nixed the plans of running around at the park. Another day stuck at home. The good news is that they have found some funny ways to entertain themselves. They made towers with bbq sauce ( like I have said before-all groceries turn into a tower) and then they used the tops to make motorcycle handle bars. Connor's idea, because he is obsessed with motorcycles right now.

I got to talk to Ben. I didn't think I was going to be able to because he was supposed to be leaving MeS. His flight was canceled though. So they were going to try again. I asked if this was going to delay him anywhere else and he said no. They had their scheduled flights home already. Yay! I don't know how often I am going to hear from him until he is in the states again. Luckily for me...IT'S NOT THAT LONG! I am so excited, anxious etc etc

Anyway that is life at the Turners right now. I just can't wait until the virus passes to Harm and Connor....

Sunday, June 04, 2006

equal opportunity blog...

Sometimes it feels like I am focusing on one kid too much. I guess that is the problem of having more than one. Ethan woke up throwing up this morning. Not sure what the matter is seeing that no one we know is sick. It may just be something he ate. I have been doing a lot of cuddling and taking care of him. When Connor woke up I said come here and cuddle with me Connor and he just looked at me and said, " I already cuddled with you yesterday and that is enough." Fine. Boys! Not too much else to report. Harm starts her last full week of school tomorrow. Ethan is throwing up. Connor is still the anti-cuddler and won't get out of his Superman jammies. Ivan is Mr. Klutz lately and has a big bruise on his forehead to show for it. That is the problem with this age. He knows no limits. I just got done talking to Ben. He is almost done and he is "elated". L ife is good....

Friday, June 02, 2006

food, face painting and fun...

Or is it fun? Maybe it's a matter of opinion. Every year Harmony's school has a "Friday fun day". Basically a small carnival out behind the school. Rides and games and cotton candy and lots of stuff going on. BUT it costs money. There are some free games. Lunch is still served so that kids who don't have tickets/money can still eat. It just seems so unfair to the kids' whose parents can't/won't pay for it. One kid was so happy because his Mom paid for him to get 4 tickets. Until he saw many tickets other kids had. Then he was upset. The other kids who didn't have anything complained about being bored. Plus the weather is sooo hot. The bigger kids are pushing, rough housing and cutting in line. And the parents aren't much better!!! There are not enough volunteers at each station and so it's pretty much a mad house. So is it fun? I am not sure....But Harmony had "a little bit of fun." Last year I bought her a wristband, which allowed her to do everything, but she ended up only wanting to do the free things. This year I told her I would pay for some tickets but not the wrist band. She pouted but I ended up buying her 30 tickets.(Spoiled...!) She didn't use them! She used them all for food! Once again she stuck with the free stuff. She is a timid little thing and didn't want to do half of the rides. But she did get her face painted ( her favorite) and played a few games and rode the carosuel. It was a long 2 hours, I made her leave after that to pick up the boys, but she had fun. This turned out to be a lot longer than I had planned! I guess I just had a lot of venting to do! :)

Annoying phrases & another Ethan conversation

You would think that my kids were from some impoverished place. By the way they talk...they are starved to death. They never get to eat. When I pick the boys up from school at noon, they have just finished lunch. As soon as we get home..." I am soooo starving" or "My tummy feels very hungry Mommy." Of course the favorite is 30 min. after a meal..." Mommy I think I need a snack." I get this phrase x's 3. Three kids who never get enough to eat. The other annoying phrases...

~*" I am going to tell on you!"
~* " If you don't share with me you are not going to be my friend anymore."
~*" Mommy h e/she touched me!"
~*" It's not fair!"
~* "You never let me__________"
~* "why?"
~*"It wasn't me!"
~*" Why don't we ever_______"
~*" You never let me__________"
the list goes on and on and on.

**** While driving with Ethan today this was our conversation. This kid is a crack up, I tell yah!
E-" I know you are sad Mommy."
M-" I am? Why?"
E-"because girls are always sad."
M-" they are? Why?"
E-" They always cry. Boys don't."
M-" Hmmmm...."

Rear View...

It has been almost a year now since Ben took me to get my new van. I love my van. I don't miss my old all. As I was sitting in traffic though, I realized that my fav. part of my the rear view. (Although I am missing 2!)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Traffic nightmares....

Ah...with summer Lovely, wonderful construction. That all happens to be right next to my home. We live off of a very busy street called Military Hwy. There is some major construction going on and I sat in it for 20 min! While I was driving I was so annoyed with the drivers. Everyone was being extremely rude and cutting in and out of traffic. I honked my horn a couple of times. Now maybe I am just an impatient driver but man alive! It was nuts. It also didn't help that I kept hearing things like this...
" Mommy this ride is sooooo BORING."-Ethan
" Mommy can't you just go get in another line?"-Ethan
" I got to see lots of diggers!"-Connor
"How come he got right in front of you?" -Ethan
"Why are the drivers being rude?"-Connor
" Mommy, I thought you weren't supposed to drive when it is yellow?"-Ethan
" It turned red while you were driving!"-Ethan
Gotta love those back seat drivers....