Monday, March 22, 2010

This week's update

(This is for Grandpa Kennedy! Ethan has the same "talent" that you have! He can touch his tongue to his nose!)
( I caught Ivan red handed getting into Ben's lego's in the garage!)

(One of Mason's favorite toys...Astro's dishes)

(They are sitting at the piano at the church. Harmony has been teaching Ethan some songs)

(Connor got an infection in his foot from something at the campout. He got to spend a morning in the ER!)

(Right before his baptism)

I am suffering from a cold that is just wearing me out. So I wanted to update while I am still somewhat coherent! Nyquil has been making me feel loopy!

Harmony is, as always, a very busy girl. From Girl Scouts to Achievement Days to piano to school things. Balance all that with sleepovers, friends, playing at the park and well...she is busy. She is loving piano and I never have to bug her about practicing. She is constantly playing and is writing a song. She also has decided to enter a short story contest in American Girl magazine. Her creativity just amazes me!

Ethan continues to do well in school. We are amazed at some of the ideas, questions and answers that he comes up with. He is such a big helper with Mason and loves to get him to smile. He has been testing his limits lately and has been trying to get out of going to church. I am not sure where this is coming from, but I hope it is a phase that he gets out of soon.

Connor has had such a busy past few weeks! He had a big luau for his birthday party, a scout campout with Ben and Ethan and than was baptized. He was so cute on the day of his baptism as he showed me his clean hands and said, "look how clean I am!" Later he had a dirty face and I told him he needed to wash it. He looked at me shocked and said, " I thought you don't have to take baths after you get baptized." So sweet.

Ivan also had a busy time with his pirate party. Ivan is really doing well in school right now. His behavior folder is full of green bears (the best you can get) and he is so proud of it. His autism diagnosis needs to be reevaluated. However, we are kind of getting the run around. There is no one on island who can diagnosis him, the one who originally did will not be traveling here, and because we are moving so soon, they won't send us to Tripler. Right now he is on a waiting list and "they will call us". We are frustrated but are getting help from the school and his teachers.

Mason is now the big 8 months! He "combat crawls" everywhere! You can always tell how clean or dirty our floors are by Mason's shirts. He has a tooth that is just dying to break through. Although he drools a lot, his mood has been pretty good. He had therapists come to the house and evaluate him a couple of days after he turned 8 months. They are coming back on Friday and will tell us the result of that evaluation. If he is or isn't "bad enough" to recieve therapies. We are anxiously awaiting Friday and the news it will bring with it.

Ben and I are always busy...and tired! We are getting ready for our move and even have our pack out scheduled!! I can't believe our time on Guam is coming to an end. We are really excited for what comes next!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A time for everything...

Almost a month with no posts? Yikes. Well, the fact is that we are a busy, busy, family. Life moves fast and it is hard to keep up.

I have kept this blog up for over 5 years now. Can you believe that?

I have been really busy getting my home blog up at Martha Wannabe I have found a lot of fun and enjoyment in it.

For now, I will be using this to just do a big old weekly family update. Probably either Saturday or Sunday. If you feel like you are just rrrreally out of the loop, Ben, Harmony and I are all on Facebook. Plus I have my home blog and email.

So look for an update all of our happenings once a week!