Thursday, February 25, 2010


Even with all the craziness around here, I have been updating my home blog like crazy. It is a good outlet I guess! Anyway, if you didn't know I had one, you can check it out. I have a link at the top of this blog that says "Maries Homemaking blog". I am also having a giveaway for a fun cookbook, Pioneer Woman Cooks. So you can check that out here

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a Mason update

Looking at this sweet little face, it breaks my heart that he is having problems. I feel guilty for not noticing the problems earlier. I, however, have not been trained to notice what he has been doing, where as a doctor is. Ben tells me it's not my fault, and in my heart of hearts, I know it's not. I guess I just feel that as the Mother, if something is wrong,it's my fault. Ugh it has been a rough day for emotions. If you are reading this and are thinking, "what on earth is she talking about?" Well here goes...

At Mason's last well baby exam, the doctor was very concerned that he wasn't sitting up yet. He was exactly 7 months old. She tried working with him and she just couldn't get his left leg to rotate. She was trying to spread his legs to give him a wider base, but he just couldn't sit up. I was given a referral to have him checked out by an occupational therapist.

She came yesterday. Mason rolled around on the floor and showed her "his tricks". She watched him for an hour and a half and noted that there was a problem.

1) His left side is a lot weaker than his right. As you grow, you do have a side that is more dominant, usually the one you write with. But as a baby, there shouldn't be a preferance.

2) He drags his left leg when he does his "army man crawl"

3) Although he is moving, he is using rolling as his main source of getting around.

4) He won't go on all fours.

5)He can't sit up.

6) His left eye goes to the side. He is not cross eyed, but one of them looks at his nose more.

7) He reaches for things with his right hand almost every time, and keeps his left in a tight fist. He rarely has his hands open and not in fists.

These are just some of the major things she noticed. Unfortunatley, being so small, he can't say what's going on. So our next step is, after March 10th (when he is exactly 8 months) they will bring 3 specialists to our house. They monitor all sorts of areas of development. Then they will determine how much/if he is delayed. She did tell me that some of these things he should have been doing by 5.5 months.

He also, even though it doesn't have to do with the others, is tongue tied. Because of this he will have speech problems and need to get it clipped.

The red spot on his head? Will probably end up being removed.

Can you see why I feel so guilty? I feel helpless. Kind of like the way I did as we were learning to help Ivan. It's been a long week, what can I say? Prayers and encouraging words are always appreciated!(:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Connor &Ben

(how big is that chocolate milk?!)

After the huge party that we threw for Ivan, the idea of getting another party done in just two weeks left me tired! So we decided to hold off until the 27th. Although the plans for his luau are in full swing, we still had to do something for his birthday right?!

Harmony had a big GS activity yesterday and we ended up being gone until almost 1pm. So unfortunatley his day wasn't very exciting!

It is a tradition to let the birthday person pick a restaurant to go eat at. Harmony is all about Ruby Tuesday or Planet Hollywood etc. What did Connor want? Taco Bell. Ivan chose McDonalds on his birthday. Is that the difference between boys and girls? (:

Connor had already picked out 2 lego sets before his birthday, Ben got a new ipod for his birthday, so Connor was gifted his old one. He also got a fun new beach towel, pj pants with a skateboarder on them, a Bakugan book and some cool markers. But the big gift was the skateboard!! Doesn't he look so cute riding around?

He ended with his favorite, a "C" dinner of mini corn dogs, chips, chocolate milk, cinnamon rolls eaten at the coffee table while watching Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Happy Birthday Connor!

Sunday, February 14, 2010 we come!

For those who don't follow us on Facebook, we finally recieved our orders! We were very excited. For those who aren't military, you can do all the planning you want, but until you have those official orders, NOTHING is set in stone. Now the busy-ness begins. Purging, packing, getting passports, planning pack outs, cleaning...There is a huge list of what we have to do.

We had made some plans and were thrown a little when we received Ben's deployment schedule. He is now leaving before Christmas :( and will be doing quite a bit of training before that. We aren't sure how much we will see him after June.

The bright side is that we will be HOME. We can't wait to spend time with everyone.

We have enjoyed our time on Guam and will miss our friends here. Right now are feelings are very bitter sweet. I think that is where Shakespeare came up with, "parting is such sweet sorrow."

7 months

(the biggest Daddy's boy EVER)

(hanging out at the spelling bee)

Mason just turned 7 months! I swear his first year is flying by...and I hate it! I wish I could go back and savor all the little moments instead of just trying to get him to go back to sleep! (: He is a total sweet heart and his blue eyes and sweet smile just melt everyone!

We went in for his 6 month well child (yes a month later, what can I say, I am on top of things!) The doctor was concerned that Mason wasn't sitting up yet. She tried to help him and as she spread his legs to give him a wider base, he cried and cried. She asked me a few questions and kept looking at his left leg.

Finally, she said she would like him to see a specialist. She is concerned that his leg may not be rotating out of his hip like it is supposed too. When I called to make an appt. no one was answering the phone. So I have to keep calling. What happens after that we don't know. Physical therapy? A brace? Nothing? Who knows. But we will keep everyone updated.

Mason was almost 20 lbs and is in the 50th percentile for weight. However for height he is in the 90th! What a big boy!

Like I's going way to fast!

Harmony and the Bee

One day Harmony came home from school and very casually said, "Mom I am the finalist in my class for the spelling bee."

She was very excited. I asked her when it was so I could be there. Once again she was very casual and just shrugged.

A couple of days later, while dropping Ivan off, one of the other Mom's mentioned attending the spelling bee. I asked her what time and made sure I was there. Ben was also able to come for a little while.

I swear I have never been more nervous for her! She made it through 3 rounds and then was one of the 12 finalists. They had to continue on to get the top 10. Harmony got out the very next round.

She started walking over to me and just burst into tears. She was so upset. She kept insisting that she spelled it right. Unfortunatley, she didn't.

I am really proud of her. The 5th grade in their school is huge. There are over 100 students. So to come in 12th was really good.

I can't wait to see if she competes next year!

whole lotta postin' going on!

(How cute is she? Our friends daughter crashed on the couch. Nothing was waking her up!)

(present time)

(hanging out)

(cake time!)

(Harmony handing out loot!)

(Ivan with his best friend Shawn. Ivan didn't want his picture taken, can you tell?)

(our friend made this fabulous cake for Ivan!)

(Not only did Ben put up the bounce house, he did it while holding Mason!)

(the pirate cupcakes!)

I hope you are sitting in a comfortable chair! So much has happened with us and I am going to try and catch everyone up!

First things first, Ivan's birthday! What a fun time we had. The day before, I made cupcakes with gold coins and jolly rogers for him to take to school. He was ecstatic and loved showing them to his friends. When I went to pick him up from school, he was holding a gift bag and a balloon. His friend Jayden wasn't able to come to his party and so brought him a gift and the balloon.

Ivan absolutely loved the balloon! Probably his favorite gift of all! (:

The day before his party was busy,busy,busy. We got a bounce house (ok Ben got it). Of course the kids wanted it set up the night before. They bounced around as I got the decorations put up. We made yet more jolly rogers ( I swear if I make another one it will be to soon!) a big pirate cut out, banners, balloons and got a treasure hunt figured out.

Ivan did pretty well at his party. There were times when he was overwhelmed but I am proud of him.

We enjoyed a wonderful day with friends, food, fun and a totally cool FIVE year old. Ivan said to me more than once, " Can I stay 5 all week?" Apparently it was so much turning 5 he wanted to keep doing it!