Saturday, June 27, 2009

Biding my time...

(Ivan played in the pool for like 3 hours that day! No kidding. The kid is part fish!)

(Right before she got in trouble for giving Ethan wedgies and had to get out!)

(soaking up the sun)

(Where I spend the majority of my time these days)

Well I am finally taking a minute to sit down and update my blog. There has been a lot going on but if you have been following me on facebook...well you are pretty much caught up. But lets see what I can do...

This week I have tried to relax and take it easy. I am so grateful to my Mom because I have been able to lay down a lot. :) My doctor even let me know that she was spoiling me!

I have non-stress tests every Tuesday and Friday. These are supposed to be one hour long appts but have turned into 2-4 hours! It is taking it's toll and I am ready to be done with them.

After being in the hospital all last weekend, I had to go back on Tuesday. I was checked again and was having a lot of regular contractions while on the monitor. The dr. decided to have me admitted to the Mother Baby Unit and given a shot of medicine to stop the contractions. This did work and they resided for awhile.

Wednesday and Thursday I did a little more activity and was rewarded with some soreness and contractions.

Friday I went to a different dr. ( oh how I love military hospitals) and he was completely different than my other one. Personality wise. Very laid back and easy going. I wish I would have had him the whole time! He did an ultrasound and said three things that filled me with relief...1) Mason has really chunky legs! Why is that good? Because it means that he weighs enough! 2) Mason was "breathing". In the womb, they don't really breathe, but they do mimic it. Why is this good? It means his lungs have developed. 3) I have lots of amniotic fluid. Why is this good? Apparently with gestational diabetes babies that can be a problem. So even though my blood sugars weren't perfect...he is looking fabulous. So bring on labor...right?

Well...yesterday Mom and I took the kids to eat and play. Then I was home for a little bit and Ben and I went to Home Depot. Walking around made me so tired, that I opted to sit in the car while he ran into K-Mart. I felt sore and was having contractions so took it nice and easy for the evening.

Until 8:30 when contractions started full force. At first they were coming every 12 minutes. Then got down to 8..then 7. Ben was at a Hail and Farewell and I had to call him home! We made the decision to go to the hospital.

We got there and I got an IV of fluids, put on a know all that good stuff! They checked my cervix and I am now between a 3-4. I am 60% effaced. However, because I am only 35 weeks they won't do anything to "help" the labor. In fact, they keep giving me drugs to stop it! We ended up coming home at about 2:30. Tired and still no baby!

So where does that leave us? I have keep taking my perscription. Ben has round 4 of his tests for his architects license on Tuesday. I am trying to wait until then so he can go take it. No promises though. The doctors have said that I can stop the perscription at 36 weeks which would be next Saturday. However...I am going to stop on Wed. I know I am not following doctors orders. But I really don't believe that 2 days will make a huge difference! All of these appts., perscriptions, going in and out of the hospital is taking it's toll. Physically and emotionally. I am done with this pregnancy, what can I say?

I know everyone has probably fallen asleep by now but that is what we have been doing around here. The kids have cabin fever as they have been stuck at the house. We did get them a pool the other day and they had a blast playing in it. So that is what the pictures are from. They are at each other's throats and I know are just getting sick of each other. I am going to "research" some summer boredom busters because they are driving us crazy! Hey, does anyone have a child who wants to have a pen pal? They could write some letters, that would be something fun.

Anyway, I am closing this novel of a post. I will keep you updated on Mason's big debut!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


We had decided that if my Mom were ok with it, we were going to fly her out to help us when Mason made his debut. However, we weren't sure about the timing. I didn't want her here to early and just kind of waste her time, but I also didn't want it to be too late in case we headed to Japan or something.

Well after a week of contractions, and being told that I need to come in for non stress tests twice a week, we decided to get her out asap. Friday morning (around 2:30 am) we made our way home from the airport. We got a little sleep and than I had to go up to the hospital for a couple of routine tests. I also had an appt at 2:30. So with all the contractions that I had been having, I really wanted my cervix checked to see if I had dialated (sorry to all males or anyone who thinks it's TMI!). Ben was there with me and I think that is the only reason the doctor checked me. Anyway, he said I was between a 2-3. He wanted to do a test (by this time it was after 4) but the results wouldn't be in for an hour. If the result was positive, that would mean that I was dialating too fast and would need to come into the hospital.

So he sent me home, and than said if I didn't hear from him by 6, I was in the clear. I had maybe been home 20 minutes when he called and said I was to check into the hospital for a 48 hr stay. Oh joy! Luckily my Mom was here!

I went in Friday night and was poked, prodded, tested, monitored, drugged. It was a long night. Saturday was not as bad as I wasn't "chained to the bed". I did have a scare Friday night when 3 nurses came in and put oxygen on me and Mason's heart beat dropped. Luckily he was back up to his baseline very quickly.

Saturday night I had them rush in because I was having major contractions. They had given me a sleep aid and I hadn't even felt them!

Well today is Sunday for me. I was told if I hadn't had any change, they would send me home. I am on a perscription to help slow it down and apparently it worked. I was the same. So I was home by 11:30 and was very happy about that. So this is the rundown for now...

I am 34 weeks. I go in every Tues & Friday to get a non stress test. They will be checking my cervix at every appt. to check for dialation. If I go into "real labor" this prescription will not work. So there would be a possibility of going to Japan. BUT, while in the hospital I was given steroids to help his lungs develop, treated for Group B strep (just a precaution) and those are some of the biggest concerns. If this perscription does it's job and we make it to 36 weeks, then I can stop taking it and they will let nature take it's course. And we would be out of the woods with having to go to Japan.

So, phew that is what is going on. We will keep everyone posted!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Economics 101

(photo from stock photo's site)
I was laughing as my friend Beth shared a story about her son. His shoe had a hole in it, and he insisted that he didn't need a whole new pair, just one shoe. I thought it was cute, that someone so young had a sense of being frugal. I also wondered if my kids do...

Being military, being overseas, we have honestly not been that affected by the economy. We have noticed gas prices rise, the cost of groceries steadily rising ends there. We are lucky, I know that. However just because we are "safe" from what is going on, it doesn't mean that we should just throw our $$ away right?

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of taking all 4 of my kids to the commissary. I let them know the rules before we even went in. I must say, they did pretty well on the "not running in the aisles", "let people pass you, don't hurry to get by them", etc. The whole "don't ask Mommy for anything, if she wants to get you something she will" rule was the one that didn't quite take.

In my cart went, mini oreo's, ice cream, 3 boxes of cereal, yogurt for Ben, yogurt for Harmony, yogurt for the big boys and Dora yogurt for Ivan, spaghetti o's, frozen pizzas etc. I forgot how much junk we buy when we are all together.

Last night I poured out juice with dinner. I came into find the jug of apple juice almost completely gone. The three older kids had helped themselves to seconds. Filling the cups until almost completely full. Connor, after pouring, changed his mind and decided to just dump it out. AGHH! I caught him before he did though.

This morning I find Ethan chowing down 2 yogurts out of the 6 pack. AFTER I told him he could only have one. I pointed out that we had cereal, bagels, bananas, etc that would fill him up.

I can't believe how much money we have wasted on food, just by having them at home. They are in for a wake up call. I am getting tired of them wasting food & money...just because they can!

Is anyone else going through this? Ugh so annoying!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Energy...where are you?

With Mason's arrival rapidly approaching I find myself with a mile long to do list. Things that "need" to be done. Things I "want" to get done. And things that would probably fall more under a nesting category than anything else. However, my energy seems to be depleting. Today we worked for a couple of hours on unpacking. I also did a couple loads of dishes, made meals etc. But I was spent! Then a family trip to the store...yikes. I wasn't sure I was getting up from the couch. Why is it that something that gives you such a wonderful blessing, can make you so miserable? I am ready for this pregnancy to be long as he is healthy of course!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


(the two tired, emotional Moms, when did our babies grow up?)

(family picture, do you just love Ivan's face?)

(Ethan with the Branch Pres. and yes, Ethan is almost the same height!)

(Big smiles...Harmony was giving me bunny ears)

(Ethan and Kaetlyn watching the font fill up)

Here in Guam ( or at least in our branch) kids are baptized the first Saturday of the month. Ethan's birthday fell on a Tuesday and so had to wait until June. Knowing this, I kind of put it off. In my mind I knew the day, but really didn't do any prep. Later I was talking to a friend of mine (in the commissary of course!) and realized that our kids would be having theirs together.

Fast forward until 2 weeks ago. I was released as 1st counselor and so how did I spend my Sunday? Chit chatting during class. I know I am awful. But we were trying to hammer out all the details for the baptism...amongst other topics!

Because of how much I had going on that week, Tammy offered to make the food and print off a program. I was grateful to her for being willing to do everything, but it also came with a huge old helping of Mommy guilt!

As the week progressed and life got crazier by the minute, my gratitude level kept going up. I felt a little more relaxed knowing I wouldn't have any last minute food to prepare or anything else.

The day came and the kids were up at 5:15. They ran around and were going nuts until everyone else in the house was awake. Since this was also the day of the big move, I told them that, "since you want to be together so much, you can do it while packing boxes" I put them to work. I yelled, threw tantrums, complained, whined etc. etc.

I looked at Ethan helping pack and felt...AWFUL. My priorities on his big day were so out of whack it wasn't even funny. I started crying and tried to get myself in the right frame of mind. Still a struggle but I felt better.

The baptism was beautiful and although I was stressed out, I was able to feel the spirit. I *think* I was able to show & tell Ethan how much it meant to me.

Tammy did a great job with the food and the program and then...she sent us home with all the leftovers so we could have something to munch on during the day. She asked me if I wanted her to take Ethan's baptismal clothes home and wash them and I said no. I need to do something for Ethan's baptism. Ben was standing behind me and said, "...uhm when are you going to be back down here to drop them off?" I was like I don't know but I will take care of it. But now it was Tammy and her husband giving me a hard time about accepting service. She made me cry when she said, " you serve tirelessly in this branch. Let us serve you for once."

It was a long day but I was overwhelmed with emotion. Gratitude, humility, and more. I don't have the gene that makes it easy to accept help. So this was not easy for me. I still have Mommy guilt but I think that after buying Ethan a "Congratulations on your baptism" cake from Cold Stone, I am on his good side again! Although I don't think he noticed that Mom didn't do anything...

Monday, June 08, 2009

saying goodbye...

Today is it! The last day of school (for our kids anyway). We are leaving school around 1:00 ish. So join me as I say goodbye too...

**waking kids up at the crack of dawn
**making sure we always have clean uniforms
**looking for lost bus passes
**nightly homework
**projects that get sprung on you last minute
**huge messes at breakfast because everyone is rushing off to the bus and can't possibly clean it up
** saying, " do you have your lunch" 15 times only to have it left on the kitchen counter
**buying last minute lunchables
**signing behavior folders, homework sheets
**notes sent home, lost in the bottom of backpacks
**kids asking for $$ for the spirit store, bake sales, book fairs etc

Getting ready to say hello to....
**sleeping in
**not as rushed mornings
**not having to worry about lunches until lunch time
**kids home to take Astro out so I don't have too
**later nights for going on walks, family movie nights etc
**reading books into the night
** more down time
**popsicles by the dozen
**playing at the park
**time for crafts

Even though on Guam,the weather never changes...we are excited to welcome SUMMER

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Whew...what a week!

(My sweet boy! More baptism pictures to come!)

(Ethan and Dad before)

(Ben getting a thank you from the coach for helping)

(Ethan with his coach)

(Connor with his coach)

(team huddle)

(brother love)

(Ethan's certificate)

( We love Ms. Gonzalez!)

(Connor with his certtificate)

I am not controlling. I just like things the way that I like them. And who doesn't, right? This is what I tell Ben all of the time. Well I can tell you that I would have not survived this week, had I not let go of some things. Seriously. I did things that I hardly ever do...asked for help, not been so anal about what the kids were doing, and a lot more. This week I have been accepting help hand over foot. It has been liberating and, dare I say, a little scary? But enough about me, here is the rundown of the week...

Monday was Harmony's last night of GS with this troop/leader. I thought she would be a little sad but she didn't seem to be!She has had so much fun being with them! Her best friend from GS moved a couple of weeks ago and I know it hasn't been the same since.

Tuesday I dropped Ivan off at school, and headed to the cafeteria for Connor's award assembly. They always sing cute little songs and than get their awards. He wanted to come home with me "since he had already been at school for a long time" was only 9:30 so I said no. I hurried home to do a few things, came and picked up Ivan, back home for a little bit, and than came back to the school for Ethan's assembly. Ben was able to come so that was nice. I had everyone ride home with me, instead of the bus and the boys told me they were so happy they didn't have to rush off to baseball!

Wednesday was long and tiring. Ben and Ivan came up here to get keys and do a walk through. I went to a dr. appt. and than met them up here. Ben unloaded cars, and I unloaded boxes. Don't worry, he didn't let me carry anything! We did this three times. We were so exaughsted when we got back but couldn't sleep at all. No fun. We were surprised with dinner that night and I was so grateful. Eating out every meal is over rated!

Thursday was more packing and moving. We were both exaughsted though and so only got in two trips instead of three. That night we had baseball awards. The boy's got trophies (Connor's broke before we left) and caricatures. The kids loved them and were excited to put them up in their rooms. The guy was paid by the hour so Harm got one too.

Friday was another long day of moving and packing. I waited around for the cable guy to come so I did get somewhat of a break. Harmony had her assembly this day and we decided it would be best to let Ben go while I stayed. She was very proud because she got 7 awards. She also loved singing "Proud to be an American" which is one of my favorites!

Saturday was...a roller coaster. After a late night, we were all up early.I thought the kids would sleep in...boy was I wrong. They were up at 5:15 and running around screaming their heads off. I told them since they wanted to be together so badly, they could all clean up. And they did. We worked to get more things packed up. I was grumpy and that put me in the wrong frame of mind for the next event of the day...Ethan's baptism. I am going to post about this seperatley though! Had it not been for my friend Tammy, whose daughter was also being baptized that day, I don't know what I would have done. Seriously. After the baptism, we all changed clothes and let the process begin again. This time with lots of help! By 5 I was looking at the clock because Harmony had to be at her GS awards assembly. I tried bribing her so we wouldn't have to go but she wouldn't take the deal!! Talk about letting things go...Harmony wore a t-shirt and shorts. What was she supposed to wear? Either a nice dress with her sash or her GS uniform. Didn't happen. I was supposed to bring a main dish. I didn't. And you know what? There was plenty of food, and lots of leftovers. I did forget my camera but one of the Mom's is emailing me pictures that she took of Harmony. Hooray for digital!

Sunday was spent cleaning, unpacking and all that fun stuff. Today is the last full day of school for the kids. My last day of washing uniforms and making lunches( ok not really but bagged lunches!)for the summer. We are all ready for a break! Goodbye to school year 08/09, it has been a long and tiring one!