Sunday, June 07, 2009

Whew...what a week!

(My sweet boy! More baptism pictures to come!)

(Ethan and Dad before)

(Ben getting a thank you from the coach for helping)

(Ethan with his coach)

(Connor with his coach)

(team huddle)

(brother love)

(Ethan's certificate)

( We love Ms. Gonzalez!)

(Connor with his certtificate)

I am not controlling. I just like things the way that I like them. And who doesn't, right? This is what I tell Ben all of the time. Well I can tell you that I would have not survived this week, had I not let go of some things. Seriously. I did things that I hardly ever do...asked for help, not been so anal about what the kids were doing, and a lot more. This week I have been accepting help hand over foot. It has been liberating and, dare I say, a little scary? But enough about me, here is the rundown of the week...

Monday was Harmony's last night of GS with this troop/leader. I thought she would be a little sad but she didn't seem to be!She has had so much fun being with them! Her best friend from GS moved a couple of weeks ago and I know it hasn't been the same since.

Tuesday I dropped Ivan off at school, and headed to the cafeteria for Connor's award assembly. They always sing cute little songs and than get their awards. He wanted to come home with me "since he had already been at school for a long time" was only 9:30 so I said no. I hurried home to do a few things, came and picked up Ivan, back home for a little bit, and than came back to the school for Ethan's assembly. Ben was able to come so that was nice. I had everyone ride home with me, instead of the bus and the boys told me they were so happy they didn't have to rush off to baseball!

Wednesday was long and tiring. Ben and Ivan came up here to get keys and do a walk through. I went to a dr. appt. and than met them up here. Ben unloaded cars, and I unloaded boxes. Don't worry, he didn't let me carry anything! We did this three times. We were so exaughsted when we got back but couldn't sleep at all. No fun. We were surprised with dinner that night and I was so grateful. Eating out every meal is over rated!

Thursday was more packing and moving. We were both exaughsted though and so only got in two trips instead of three. That night we had baseball awards. The boy's got trophies (Connor's broke before we left) and caricatures. The kids loved them and were excited to put them up in their rooms. The guy was paid by the hour so Harm got one too.

Friday was another long day of moving and packing. I waited around for the cable guy to come so I did get somewhat of a break. Harmony had her assembly this day and we decided it would be best to let Ben go while I stayed. She was very proud because she got 7 awards. She also loved singing "Proud to be an American" which is one of my favorites!

Saturday was...a roller coaster. After a late night, we were all up early.I thought the kids would sleep in...boy was I wrong. They were up at 5:15 and running around screaming their heads off. I told them since they wanted to be together so badly, they could all clean up. And they did. We worked to get more things packed up. I was grumpy and that put me in the wrong frame of mind for the next event of the day...Ethan's baptism. I am going to post about this seperatley though! Had it not been for my friend Tammy, whose daughter was also being baptized that day, I don't know what I would have done. Seriously. After the baptism, we all changed clothes and let the process begin again. This time with lots of help! By 5 I was looking at the clock because Harmony had to be at her GS awards assembly. I tried bribing her so we wouldn't have to go but she wouldn't take the deal!! Talk about letting things go...Harmony wore a t-shirt and shorts. What was she supposed to wear? Either a nice dress with her sash or her GS uniform. Didn't happen. I was supposed to bring a main dish. I didn't. And you know what? There was plenty of food, and lots of leftovers. I did forget my camera but one of the Mom's is emailing me pictures that she took of Harmony. Hooray for digital!

Sunday was spent cleaning, unpacking and all that fun stuff. Today is the last full day of school for the kids. My last day of washing uniforms and making lunches( ok not really but bagged lunches!)for the summer. We are all ready for a break! Goodbye to school year 08/09, it has been a long and tiring one!


Erin Dooley said...

Sounds long and tiring! You are crazy busy all the time aren't you? I keep saying...when my kids are in school I'll have a little more free time. I'm starting to second guess that now:)

Marie said...

Erin I swear this whole school year has been nuts! I am so glad to see it end. We were involved in waaaay too much! It really started to take it's toll on all of us. We will not be doing this much again! :)

Yes with school brings...class parties, concerts, assemblies etc. It can be crazy, for sure!

I have a card for you, what is your address? You can email it to me on FB if you don't want to leave it on here!