Sunday, December 12, 2010

My bad

**I have tried to move these pictures around a million times. It's not working so you are going to have to have them as is. Sorry!

I promised Ben that I would keep this blog updated while he is gone. Uhm yeah, he has been gone for 40 days and I haven't updated yet. Soo, no apologies or excuses, here is an update on the Turner fam.

Like I mentioned, Ben has been gone for 40 days. To a normal person, that may sound like a long time. But for a military wife, when you know you have a LOT more to go, 40 doesn't sound like much. We are able to chat with him somewhat frequently, but wish it was easier. His connection will go in and out the whole time. He doesn't share to much about what he is doing because he thinks I would be bored.

Harmony is lovin' band. I can't tease her about being "a band geek" though! She had her first concert the other day. She had a lot of fun. She is playing clarinet but she also plays the keyboard. We went to the ward Christmas party, and she snuck into the primary room and played on the piano.

Ethan is bored now that chess club is over. The "only" thing he does is Scouts. He complains all day about having to go to Scouts and than talks non stop about it for the rest of the week. He has a lot of fun and the program here is really good.

Connor loves Scouts too. He really likes to wear his uniform. I am always finding him with his Scout shirt on. He got a very good report card with very sweet comments from his teacher. One of the things she said is that he is "academically strong." Connor has been walking around saying, "wow, my teacher thinks that I am strong." I don't think he heard (or understood) the academic part.
I was very pleased with Ivan's report card also. He is right on target with his peers. There are still things he struggles with but education wise, he is where he should be. He hasn't been feeling well, he catches anything that goes around, and has had watery eyes. So he keeps telling me that his "eyes are sweating". Precious.

Mason is one word...annoying! I forgot what this age was like! He has discovered markers/crayons/pens/pencils and will write on the walls. Or get into the pantry, use his teeth to get a box open, and then scatters the contents everywhere. He ripped open hot chocolate packets and then licked them off the floor. He is into everything and I can't turn my back on him for a second. Luckily for him, he is cute!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

This is why...

Look at that devilish grin!
our house is never clean. This little devil...I mean boy.
Now that Mason is walking, he is into EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe. No room is safe.
We are constantly finding things in the toilets! Connor found him one day with a sucker (from someone who left their trick or treat bag unattended!) dipping it into the toilet.Luckily Connor grabbed it and threw it in the garbage, only to make Mason scream and cry!
The other day, Ivan came into tell me that, "Mason dumped cereal in the playroom". I thought he meant from his little snack cup...nope, he meant from the box. PB Cap'n Crunch all over the playroom. I get that picked up and head into the kitchen to unload the dishwasher.
I hear a noise and go to check on him. He found a box of macaroni and cheese, chewed the top of the box off...and proceeded to dump all the macaroni out. I clean that up, with him clinging to my leg.
I head back into the kitchen to finish unloading the dishwasher when he comes over to "help" me by pulling the utensils out, and putting crayons and lego's in.
Finally he is put in his high chair so I can finish the dishwasher. I get that done and...all of his crackers are on the floor.
This all happened in 15 minutes tops. So if you come over and there are macaroni noodles and cereal and...heaven knows what's all MASON'S FAULT!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Costume Parade

My gorgeous boys (:

A grumpy Indy

He was actually walking backward to school!
The boys school had a costume parade today.

Ivan, although he has been wearing the Indiana Jones costume for weeks, went as a pirate. I drew some facial hair on him and he washed it off. He told me, "Mom, that made me look HIDEOUS!" Not even sure where he learned that from!

Connor went as Indy instead and threw a HUGE fit. Connor's life is never fair and his complaints were just silly. Once he got to school and got some compliments from his friends, he did much better. For a calm, quiet kid he sure can put up a fuss!

Ethan went as Harry Potter. He sure has grown in a year. It was small on him last year but today I noticed how short the arms on his cloak were. I guess he will have to get something new next year.
Harmony wore the poodle skirt that she got in Girl Scouts last year. She made a very cute 50's girl! I didn't get any pictures of her 'cause we were a touch late getting to school today!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For Ben...

Mason loved getting a ride with Daddy!

playing in the spider web

Air born!

Look how tall Harmony is! She is going to be taller than her Grandma (and her Mom) soon!

(It was Boo at the zoo while we were there!)

Ben keeps asking me if I am going to update this blog more once he is gone. Apparently he isn't interested in the the things on my other, kid tips etc (:

So I am going to try RRRRREALLY hard to keep this updated, ecspecially for him!

This past week, we were happy to have Ben's parents come and visit. Can I even tell you how nice it is to not have to wait years between visits, like we did on Guam?

We took them to the Santa Barbara zoo on Saturday. We really like the SB zoo, because it isn't the biggest in the world but not the smallest either.

After a week of rain and chilly weather, it was nice to have a warm day to spend walking around.

We have a membership, so if you come and visit, we'll take you too! (:

Friday, October 08, 2010


I can't believe that I have not updated my blog since August! Holy Cow. It has really been a while. I have been working so hard on my other blog and have just ignored this one. So here is a nice looooong update for you!

Harmony started 6th grade this year. She is now in middle school. She had a rough start but has started to get in a good groove. She has made a group of friends and is enjoying school a lot more. She loves playing the clarinet in band. Not a big fan of p.e. but she is getting used to it.

Ethan is a busy boy with school, scouts and chess club. He has been so excited about chess right now. Apparently the coach is very funny and makes it a lot of fun. He has made some great friends in school and loves riding his bike everyday. Every Thursday he complains about having to go to Scouts, only to talk non stop about it for the rest of the week!

Connor is enjoying school also. He was elected as room rep and is so excited about it. He is a very good student but sooo quiet! On Monday he is headed for an appt. with a specialist. He has never really had a good control of his bladder. So he has an appt. with a urologist to get everything checked out. He has such a good attitude about all of it. He also loves Scouts. He has made a lot of friends and has plenty of play dates.

Ivan is getting used to kindergarten. He has his good days and bad, but he is learning and growing. His teacher is very tough and not very friendly &open. That has been very difficult for all of us. I am not the only parent who is having a hard time with her. Hopefully all of these growing pains will get worked out. Ivan is such a funny boy and keeps me on my toes. He loves riding his bike to school every day!

Mason is a busy, busy boy. Anything that is opened, he closes. If something is full, he empties it. He loves to get all the pots and pans, tupperware etc out of the cupboards. He is walking all over the place and is such a big boy. He has the brightest blue eyes and the sweetest smile you have ever seen.

We have less than 20 days left until we say goodbye to Ben. His battalion is getting ready to deploy. We are trying to fill our last few days with lots of family activities. A trip to Lego land is included in that schedule!!

Me...well there isn't too much to say. Just keeping up with my "tribe" is enough drama for me!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Space Dogz

(the stage)

(the leading man)

(the rowdy audience!)

My kids worked for awhile in producing their first play. Harmony did background music, Ethan wrote the script. Connor and Ethan were actors. They tried to give Ivan a part but he wasn't interested. So he got to be part of the audience.

They were very cute, using their Webkinz as the characters. They were pretty humurous and the play was a cross between Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter...pretty much all of their favorite movies.

When the audience got a little rowdy (ie. Mason) they ended with a bow. And we were only charged a .5 entry fee! (:

Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Baby Story

(We took Harmony out for a clothes shopping trip. This was her favorite outfit!)

(such a sweet girl)

(enjoying dinner with Aunt Darla)

(enjoying her birthday dessert at Olive Garden)

Once upon a time (Aug. 9th, 1999 around 10pm) a beautiful little girl was born. Her parents were so happy and fell immediatley in love.

Then they blinked and 11 years passed. And that precious girl is now a beautiful pre-teen.

With a love for music, animals, Pokemon, reading, writing and art.

And her parents are still totally in love!

Happy 11th birthday sweet girl!

Friday, August 06, 2010

summer clearance

(fun stuff!)

(Ivan concentrating very hard!)

Don't you love how fast stores change their seasonal items?! I love getting summer toys at 90% Aug!

The other day I bought squirt guns, 3-d sidewalk chalk and play doh. With the kids being grounded from video games...all these toys came in handy!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

park play

(the heart attack contraption)

(seriously, is this not a heart attack waiting to happen?)

(hanging out)

(just one place for a Mom to have a heart attack)

(Harmony says she misses the Guam palm trees)

(taking a little nap break)

(sliding down the huge slide)

We love our housing!! Parks are everywhere! The kids, because of bad behavior have lost all video game privelages. Yesterday boredom had set in so we went for a walk.

We walked down to this one that we hadn't played at yet. The kids scared me to death by hanging from some of the highest spots!

I asked Ethan if he was trying to give me a heart attack and he replied, "maybe"!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

We LOVE the zoo

(fish pond)

(poor Mason with sun in his eyes)

(the smelly goats)

(fountatin at the top of the picnic area)

(zoo poo)

Although the Santa Barbara zoo is not very big, there are a lot of fun things to do & see. When we need a break from the house, it is a short drive up to Santa Barbara.

A few days ago, we packed up a picnic lunch and headed up. We sat at a table near the "sliding hill". The kids were prepared with boxes to slide down.

They spent forever looking at and feeding the fish. We also spent a lot of time in the petting zoo area. Stinky.

We have yet to take a train ride but have decided that on our next trip we will.

I brought the wagon and a stroller so I ended up hauling Connor and Ivan around!

We ended our trip with a visit to the gift shop. Ethan was a little worried about the bag of "zoo poo".

Mason grabbed a stuffed monkey and hasn't put it down since! (: