Thursday, August 05, 2010

park play

(the heart attack contraption)

(seriously, is this not a heart attack waiting to happen?)

(hanging out)

(just one place for a Mom to have a heart attack)

(Harmony says she misses the Guam palm trees)

(taking a little nap break)

(sliding down the huge slide)

We love our housing!! Parks are everywhere! The kids, because of bad behavior have lost all video game privelages. Yesterday boredom had set in so we went for a walk.

We walked down to this one that we hadn't played at yet. The kids scared me to death by hanging from some of the highest spots!

I asked Ethan if he was trying to give me a heart attack and he replied, "maybe"!


Erin Dooley said...

hahaha...gotta love kids who are fearless!

Beth said...

I have to agree...that is a crazy play structure!!