Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Baby Story

(We took Harmony out for a clothes shopping trip. This was her favorite outfit!)

(such a sweet girl)

(enjoying dinner with Aunt Darla)

(enjoying her birthday dessert at Olive Garden)

Once upon a time (Aug. 9th, 1999 around 10pm) a beautiful little girl was born. Her parents were so happy and fell immediatley in love.

Then they blinked and 11 years passed. And that precious girl is now a beautiful pre-teen.

With a love for music, animals, Pokemon, reading, writing and art.

And her parents are still totally in love!

Happy 11th birthday sweet girl!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Harm! I hope it's a wonderful day.

BTW: Cute outfit :)

The Anglesey Family said...

SHE IS GETTING SOOOOOO BIG!!!! I did not even recognize her! Almost a YW!!!