Thursday, August 12, 2010

Space Dogz

(the stage)

(the leading man)

(the rowdy audience!)

My kids worked for awhile in producing their first play. Harmony did background music, Ethan wrote the script. Connor and Ethan were actors. They tried to give Ivan a part but he wasn't interested. So he got to be part of the audience.

They were very cute, using their Webkinz as the characters. They were pretty humurous and the play was a cross between Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter...pretty much all of their favorite movies.

When the audience got a little rowdy (ie. Mason) they ended with a bow. And we were only charged a .5 entry fee! (:

Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Baby Story

(We took Harmony out for a clothes shopping trip. This was her favorite outfit!)

(such a sweet girl)

(enjoying dinner with Aunt Darla)

(enjoying her birthday dessert at Olive Garden)

Once upon a time (Aug. 9th, 1999 around 10pm) a beautiful little girl was born. Her parents were so happy and fell immediatley in love.

Then they blinked and 11 years passed. And that precious girl is now a beautiful pre-teen.

With a love for music, animals, Pokemon, reading, writing and art.

And her parents are still totally in love!

Happy 11th birthday sweet girl!

Friday, August 06, 2010

summer clearance

(fun stuff!)

(Ivan concentrating very hard!)

Don't you love how fast stores change their seasonal items?! I love getting summer toys at 90% Aug!

The other day I bought squirt guns, 3-d sidewalk chalk and play doh. With the kids being grounded from video games...all these toys came in handy!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

park play

(the heart attack contraption)

(seriously, is this not a heart attack waiting to happen?)

(hanging out)

(just one place for a Mom to have a heart attack)

(Harmony says she misses the Guam palm trees)

(taking a little nap break)

(sliding down the huge slide)

We love our housing!! Parks are everywhere! The kids, because of bad behavior have lost all video game privelages. Yesterday boredom had set in so we went for a walk.

We walked down to this one that we hadn't played at yet. The kids scared me to death by hanging from some of the highest spots!

I asked Ethan if he was trying to give me a heart attack and he replied, "maybe"!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

We LOVE the zoo

(fish pond)

(poor Mason with sun in his eyes)

(the smelly goats)

(fountatin at the top of the picnic area)

(zoo poo)

Although the Santa Barbara zoo is not very big, there are a lot of fun things to do & see. When we need a break from the house, it is a short drive up to Santa Barbara.

A few days ago, we packed up a picnic lunch and headed up. We sat at a table near the "sliding hill". The kids were prepared with boxes to slide down.

They spent forever looking at and feeding the fish. We also spent a lot of time in the petting zoo area. Stinky.

We have yet to take a train ride but have decided that on our next trip we will.

I brought the wagon and a stroller so I ended up hauling Connor and Ivan around!

We ended our trip with a visit to the gift shop. Ethan was a little worried about the bag of "zoo poo".

Mason grabbed a stuffed monkey and hasn't put it down since! (:

House pictures pt. 2

(the boy's door with vinyl lettering)

(Ethan & Mason's room. When I finish decorating he is going to have a space theme)

(Ethan's verrry red dresser)

(view 2)

(1st view of the boys' Spongebob bathroom)

( oh how embarrasing! Connor and Ivan's room. When clean and I finish decorating, they have a sports theme)

(her door with vinyl lettering)

( the side of her room)

(her verrry green dresser)

(Harmony's room! Her favorite colors are orange, blue & green)

OK here are a few more pictures. These are of the kiddo's rooms. I would just like to say now that after asking Connor & Ivan a thousand times to clean their rooms...well, they still didn't.