Sunday, January 31, 2010

pirate party fever

I can not believe that this sweet boy will be turning 5 on Thursday. We are having a party for him on Saturday. Because he has been known to get a *tad* overwhelmed (understatement of the year) at parties & other activities, we have never had a friend party for him. But as we watch him grow and change every year, we feel this is a good time to try it out. We have invited an insane amount of kids, got a bounce house for all those kids to burn off energy, treasure hunt, pirate cake, decorations...Whew. So that is what we will be working on this week. So if you don't hear from me, I will be buried under jolly rogers, balloons, streamers and eye patches! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVAN!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tongue bath

We were all entertained the other night with this scene. Both of them are pretty patient with each other!

Friday, January 22, 2010

staying connected

(yes she is almost as tall as I am!)

I know that I can't be the only one who is having trouble keeping up with blogs! I find I don't have the time in my day to update my facebook status, update my blog, leave comments, reply to comments etc. However, I love the fact that we have so much technology to keep us connected. So please forgive me when it takes me a while to respond! (: I honestly love hearing from everyone and reading what your families are up too.

As for ours, it is amazing how much our family can pack into a week!

Last weekend was a fun one for us. Ben and I were able to get out for a date!! We enjoyed TGIFridays (thanks Mom and Dad). Then it was on to pick up GS cookies with Harmony. She and I also hit the BX, library and commissary. When we got home, Harmony's best friend asked if Harmony could come with them to "Movie Under the Stars" in our housing. I packed up the boys and we all headed out to watch G Force. The weather was fabulous and we had fun. We can't wait for the next one!

Monday ended with a bang for Ethan, literally. We have a large tree in the backyard, that the kids dub the club house. Ben and I were in the living room, when Harmony came running saying Ethan had fallen out of the tree. He was very brave and held his tears in (he didn't want to cry in front of the neighbors)but once he got home he broke down. He bruised his tail bone and spent the day laying on his stomach. He was sore the next morning as he headed to school. I told his teacher what happened, so he has been spending his class time either on his knees, standing or sitting on a pillow. Poor guy!

Ben has accumulated a lot of leave time. So he is currently trying to burn some of it up. Every six weeks, he is able to take a week off. Since he has been home, I have been able to do all the stuff I normally do...just kid free. It has been so nice. I forgot how easy it is to go to the store with Harmony vs. with Ivan and Mason! I think these weeks are good for Ben, he gets to see what I do all week!

We fit in a lot this week, including lots of work outs, grocery shopping, programs, meetings, piano lessons, GS etc.

Yesterday I attended Harmony's DARE graduation. As I was leaving, I realized that I didn't have batteries in my camera. I stopped quickly at the mini mart and grabbed some. I got to the school, started to put them in and memory card was in the computer. Luckily, one of Ivan's teachers was there, and let me use her camera. Oh how I love digital! (: She emailed them to me last night.

Also I had my 2nd week of Biggest Loser and lost 4 lbs. It was very exciting. I hope I can keep up the momentum. Thanks for everyone's kind words and encouragment. I have a long way to go but I know I can get there! (:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mad skillz

Two posts in one day?! How exciting! Well while Mason has been doing his big boy thing of eating his weight in baby food every day...Ethan and Ivan have learned some new skills.

Ethan put off learning to ride his bike for the LONGEST time. We finally convinced him to hop on...and he was riding in about 5 seconds. Seriously. Up the hill and back down. He had a nice flip over the handlebars once which I thought might end his career. It didn't though! He is a pro!

And never one to be left behind, Ivan figured out how to ride Ethan's scooter! He is such the big man! I think I know what he will be getting for his birthday next month!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 6 months Mason

(he loves his big brothers!)

I can not believe how fast six months has flown by! Mason is growing like a weed! He is eating a whole jar of baby food and a bottle at every meal! We are going through baby food fast!

He is such a smiley happy baby. Although he can't talk, he lets his wants be known. While walking around the commissary, he would start screaming (not crying, screaming) if I was not entertaining him and you know doing something like...picking out a box of cereal.

Mason's favorite toy is pretty much...his toes. He hates it when I put socks on him or footy pj's. He sucks away on his toes constantly.

Being the slacker Mom that I am, I haven't made his 6 month appt. yet. But Ben weighed him the other day and he was 18 lbs! He's got chubby little thighs to prove it!

He loves when the older kids play with him and he is a total Dad's boy!

We love our Mason! Happy 6 month chunky monkey!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Quicky update

(pretty intimdating huh?)
Ahh...Monday morning and the kids are back in school. Mason is playing in his bouncy toy and Astro is asleep. The house is quiet...I LOVE IT! I am not sure who came up with Christmas break but it obviously was not a Mom! (:

I am going to be off the computer today as I need to do some repair from having all 7 of us home for two weeks. But I thought I would do a quick update.

Ben gets to start studying for his next test. He has two left and if he passes all of them, he will be able to get his Architects license! Exciting stuff. He was dissapointed that the Ducks lost but I think he was happy they made it as far as they did!

Harmony is starting out the new year with a new teacher. Her previous homeroom teacher moved to Germany with her family over the holiday. Hopefully it will go well. She also starts piano lessons this week!

Ethan was so excited to go back to school. 10 minutes before the bus came however, he decided to heat up some pancakes. He missed the bus and had to ride the "Mommy bus" with Ivan. Ivan loved having him!

Connor was not as eager to go back. That kid could sleep all day if you let him! He and Ethan have been fighting non stop though so I know they are ready for a break from each other!

Ivan was up in the middle of the night crying because he wet the bed. :( He was so upset with himself. He has done so well and so I know he was bummed. He was very excited to go see his teachers again, even though he kept saying, " just 10 more minutes Mom!" and would go back to sleep!

Mason is the big man and is the proud owner of a new high chair! He has been munching away on squash, carrots, applesauce etc. Of course he has the diapers to prove it! I am calling today to get his 6 month check up! He has grown so fast!

Me? Well I have so many goals/resolutions and thoughts swirling. However, I haven't got them to all make sense and be cohesive...yet.

And there you have it!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

There is no way that I can possibly update you on everything that has happened in the past few days/weeks. Life has been so busy. We have...

**gone to a concert/play for every one of the kids
**enjoyed Christmas parties
**wrapped gifts
**watched Christmas movies
**sang Christmas songs
**shopped, shopped, shopped
** read How the Grinch Stole Christmas countless times
**opened gifts
**ate too much
** played with new toys
** got stomach bugs
** have spent a lot of time together (which has been both good and bad!)
**gone on lots of walks
**lots of bike rides
**candy canes eaten
**said goodbye to good friends

We had a wonderful Christmas and are excited for the New Year and all that it has to offer!