Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mad skillz

Two posts in one day?! How exciting! Well while Mason has been doing his big boy thing of eating his weight in baby food every day...Ethan and Ivan have learned some new skills.

Ethan put off learning to ride his bike for the LONGEST time. We finally convinced him to hop on...and he was riding in about 5 seconds. Seriously. Up the hill and back down. He had a nice flip over the handlebars once which I thought might end his career. It didn't though! He is a pro!

And never one to be left behind, Ivan figured out how to ride Ethan's scooter! He is such the big man! I think I know what he will be getting for his birthday next month!

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becky said...

that is so nice. so funny to see picts of kids in shorts and the sun shining and what no snow. That would be so nice.