Sunday, January 03, 2010

Quicky update

(pretty intimdating huh?)
Ahh...Monday morning and the kids are back in school. Mason is playing in his bouncy toy and Astro is asleep. The house is quiet...I LOVE IT! I am not sure who came up with Christmas break but it obviously was not a Mom! (:

I am going to be off the computer today as I need to do some repair from having all 7 of us home for two weeks. But I thought I would do a quick update.

Ben gets to start studying for his next test. He has two left and if he passes all of them, he will be able to get his Architects license! Exciting stuff. He was dissapointed that the Ducks lost but I think he was happy they made it as far as they did!

Harmony is starting out the new year with a new teacher. Her previous homeroom teacher moved to Germany with her family over the holiday. Hopefully it will go well. She also starts piano lessons this week!

Ethan was so excited to go back to school. 10 minutes before the bus came however, he decided to heat up some pancakes. He missed the bus and had to ride the "Mommy bus" with Ivan. Ivan loved having him!

Connor was not as eager to go back. That kid could sleep all day if you let him! He and Ethan have been fighting non stop though so I know they are ready for a break from each other!

Ivan was up in the middle of the night crying because he wet the bed. :( He was so upset with himself. He has done so well and so I know he was bummed. He was very excited to go see his teachers again, even though he kept saying, " just 10 more minutes Mom!" and would go back to sleep!

Mason is the big man and is the proud owner of a new high chair! He has been munching away on squash, carrots, applesauce etc. Of course he has the diapers to prove it! I am calling today to get his 6 month check up! He has grown so fast!

Me? Well I have so many goals/resolutions and thoughts swirling. However, I haven't got them to all make sense and be cohesive...yet.

And there you have it!


Beth said...

I am pretty ready for my kids to go back to school too! Let me know how Harmony likes piano lessons! I've always wished I knew how to play...

becky said...

I like the update. Isn't it funny how kids in one family are so different from each other.

The Anglesey Family said...

I cannot believe Mason is 6 months! Time fly's!

Afton said...

That was a great update-man you are a busy lady. Keep em coming!