Thursday, September 27, 2007

I forgot...

My weight loss blog has been updated and there is now a link on the side of this blog. It is called Results Not Typical. For those of you who asked! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Being a military wife is quite frankly, not all it is cracked up to be. I love it, but throws things at you that you are just unprepared for. On Saturday, we were out at a function and we were told that there was a possibility of Ben going back to Afghanistan. A lieutenant, had to come home because of a health reason, and someone had to fill his spot. Well we only have 2 LT.'s here. One of them being Ben.

This news put us in quite a funk. Neither of us slept very well. Monday, Ben went back to work and I just thought and thought about it. What if he did have to go away again? What would this mean for our family? It was a long day, and these thoughts were heavy on my mind.

We found out yesterday, that the replacement has been chosen. It is someone who isn't from here, a different wardroom.

So today, I am so thankful. Thankful for my husband. Who is willing to serve. Who wrestles with serving his country and serving his family. Who is my best friend and the love of my life. Thankful. So very thankful that I don't have to live with out him a little while longer.


I have pretty much been a morning person my whole life. I did go over to the other side once, and actually stayed there for awhile. But now that my life is caffiene free, it makes it harder for me to stay up. So I am pretty much back to being a morning person. Except for today. My alarm went off and there was no way I was getting up to go walking. Ben's alarm went off. Nope not getting up. Finally forced myself out of bed at 7. Have to get the kids going right?

I was greeted by Ethan with, " Mommy you have really big bags!" Thanks bud.

Ivan however, wakes up really well. he brings me his blanket, his cup, a train, car or plane and the other day, there was an extra little something. His Deigo glasses. Which he wore all day long. Along with a Percy (thomas the tank engine, train)sock. Just one of them. Hmmm....He looks cute though, doesn't he?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Ok that stands for me wednesday! Another blog carnival. I am having fun with these! This one is sponsored by Shannon at a blog called Rocks in My Dryer. The address is

Anyway, this is my first time ever doing this. But here is my tip, or what works for me!

I love recipes.I love to look at recipe magazines. I have a shelf on my kitchen that has my cookbooks, and it is being over run by magazines. I am constantly searching through all of them, looking for that one recipe that I want.

So I started buying 3x5 index cards, that are spiral bound, and whenever I get free time, I go through and copy ones that I want to keep. Then I am able to dump the magazines. It frees up space, and I have a quick cookbook!


I finally got it to work. Kind of. Anyway, the bottom picture is what it looked like before. Although I don't think the picture does it justice because that side was covered with papers and junk. I filled a trash bag, and then filed the rest. As soon as it was cleared, Ivan used it for driving cars. So I think he likes the clean surface too!

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I recently found a website called 5 minutes for Mom. Every day they do something new. A new little challenge. You may be wondering, wow where does Marie find all the time to do these challenges? Well the answer to that is...I don't know. I just know that there are so many things that I want to do to improve my life. Like weight loss. Like organizing my home. So as much as I can, I am going to try and do these things.

So today I did my first challenge.It is called "Tackle it Tuesday". You just pick something that you have been procrastinatng about it...and do it. So I chose my desk. It is constantly filled with papers, books, art stuff. Tons of things.I basically haven't cleaned it since we got here.

Today I finally got to work and got it done. I filed all the papers, put things in baskets. You can actually see the surface. It feels so nice and is definatley contagious!

I would post the pictures but blogger is not working for me! So I will post them as soon as it works!

Monday, September 24, 2007

OK,if you had trouble getting to my layouts, I am going to give you kind of a round about way to get there. I don't think their site is set up to actually look for a person. So anyway here are a few more directions

go to and go to gallery. Next to the search box, there is a box for categories. Just choose scrapbook pages. So you are just going to put "Soaked" into the search box, and then click on scrapbook pages. After you do that, you will see a layout I did at SeaWorld. Once you get there, just click on "other layouts by Julie T".

If that doesn't work, just let me know!

I am actually going to TRY, try being the operative word, to scrapbook tonight. If it is I will let you know if I update my gallery!

just in case...

You can read about my daily life on this blog. You can read about my weight loss journey, on my other blog. You can also see pictures. And just in case that wasn't can now look at some of my scrapbook layouts. I will updae that page...when I actually get time to scrap. But there are 8 or 9 on there. You just go to and then click on gallery.I am on there as Julie T. So feel free to look at them.

Our scanner is not plugged in, so it is just pictures of the layouts. But if you click they are bigger!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

miss me?

The other night, while checking my email and looking at my favorite blogs, I was complaining about people who hadn't updated. And today I realized that it had been awhile since I had updated mine! So what have you missed?

** picking my favorite Pokemon card out of a stack
** breaking up fights over Lego guys
** making vegi trays
** watching the Wonder Pets Save the Unicorn about a million times
** walked a lot of miles
**spent way too much time at the dmv
**helping kids with homework
**folding more laundry than I care to admit
** same goes for washing dishes
** going to a spouse club meeting
** going to a Hail and Farewell
** drinking a ton of water
** play dates
** emailing back and forth about girl scouts
** swimming
** dropping off kids at various places
** made lunches
** got up early
** stayed up late
** grocery shopped
So...see you didn't miss much! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my baby

Since Feb. 4, 2005, I have had an almost constant companion. Yes I try to find babysitters whenever possible. I try not to take him places where I think he will be a stinker. Or drive me nuts. Whichever comes first. But today, today was too much.

I knew I was going to have a major day ahead of me. So I called to have him come to drop-in for today. However, I wasn't sure when I was going to be done. I dropped him off at 8. However, they have a policy about pick up times. Nap time is from 12-2, so they don't like it when you pick kids up during that time. Too disruptive. have to wait until nap time is over.

I excercised. I went to the commissary. I brought Ben his lunch. I took a shower, without worrying about what my youngest was doing. I ate lunch. I made the dreaded trip to the dmv. I went to K-Mart. I went to the exchange. I didn't get to see Ivan until 2. I can't believe that I spent 6 hours away from him. Too long. I missed him.

I honestly missed him. He even slept there. I missed his" Hi Mommy!" after he woke up from his nap. I missed seeing him sit in his chair using the Batman placemat. However, I did not miss him during errands.

It was just too much. The provider, was letting me know that tomorrow is show and tell if he is going to come. I said no. He will be home with me tomorrow.

I feel like I am going through an "identity crisis". I have always had some little one ( or two) to take care of.At home. With me. I was their whole life. And now, they come home from school, do homework and are off on playdates or the park. And, I am not needed anymore. Even my baby. He is growing up. He doesn't even need me as much.

I am sure part of this, has something to do with "what time of the month" it is...but still. It makes me sad. They grow up way too fast. I am not sure if I am ready for it. All I do know is that 6 hours was waaaay too long.

Note to self...

The DMV is not a fun place to be. The DMV on Guam is even worse. Do not procrastinate when it comes to the DMV. You will regret it later.

Monday, September 17, 2007

3 months

3 months ago on Saturday, we stepped off the plane. Completely exaughsted. Annoyed with the kids. Annoyed with each other. Annoyed with how many bags we were now trying to fit onto carts. Ready to be in the hotel. We walked out to find our ward room waiting for us. Very welcoming. Although, the thought that runs through your mind is, " holy cow I must look scary!". But here we are. Sometimes I feel like I have been on this island forever. And at others I feel just as new as I did that day. There have been good things and there have been the not so good...

The good:

** the island is beautiful. It may not be Hawaii, but there is nothing like waking up to a strip of the ocean and palm trees in your back yard

** the people. In our wardroom, at church, in our housing. People are so nice & friendly. Laid back and so easy going. Willing to help. Just good down to earth people.

** there is so much to do. Wether it is with MWR, our church, or the wardroom, there is always something going on. We are never at a loss of things to do.

**knowing someone when you go places.You are always seeing someone you know. It makes it feel more homey.

**living in housing. I have honestly love it.

** having Ben work so close to home. No more half hour commutes.

** the drop in day care

** a free pool

** the school and good teachers
The bad...
**POWER OUTTAGES ( you knew that one was coming!)
** sudden changes in weather
** no Target, no Sonic, no good craft stores

**commissary is limited, no good grocery stores

** prices are too high

** everyone shops at the same place, so your kids are always dressed similar ( if not exactly) to all the other kids

**the humidity

**the lack of selection

So there you have it. When we told people we were coming here, we were warned about...snakes (haven't seen any), "frisbee frogs" (have seen a ton of those)the weather ( yep it sucks sometimes)that we would get bored ( hasn't happened yet!)boonie dogs ( have seen tons).

I miss the states. I do. I realize that there are so many things there that I took for granted. Like adhesive for scrapbooking. It's like non-existent here. Like Target. Like Sonic. Like Dairy Queen. Like reliable computer connections. Like good grocery stores. Like tv shows being on the right day( we are a day behind, ex. if a show is on Sunday for is Monday for us) Like having stores open 24 hrs, like being in the same time zone as people you know, like our families, like our friends. I could go on. I won't. I will spare you.

So that is it. 3 months on Guam summed up in a blog post. Wonder what the next 3 months will hold...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A new beginning...

So bowling wasn't the only thing that was going on this Saturday. There was a 5K family walk/run. I wanted to do it, but like a typical girl, " I didn't want to go by myself". So when I found out that my friend Cindy was going, I said ok I am in.
Ben does not like to get up and do these because " I get up early 5 days a week, Sat. is my one day to sleep in!"
So at 5:40 I left a very quiet household.
I didn't run. I haven't ran for a while. But I did walk it. I did not come in last place. Even though Cindy and I were walking with her young kids. We have decided that every time they have a fun walk, we are going to go and do it. It was the perfect way to exercise, walking and talking with a friend.
But it also made me realize something. A while back, when I started my f.f.f, I was impatient. I wanted the weight off NOW. Following the weight watchers points program, has always helped me lose fast. So I always go to it. But it has never become a "lifestyle change" for me. Things like going out to dinner, at a place where points have not been calculated or making dinner for my family. It would be perfect if I was single. Alas...I'm not.
So I decided to follow that old advice "slowly but surely". If I am going to lose for good, it has to be small and simple changes over time.
Right after I had Harmony, I bought a diet book. I love this book because every week, you take something away, that is "bad" for you. But at the same time you add something that is good. I have never finished this book because of that impatience for wanting it off now. But, I know it is time to do this for me. As long as it takes.
The first week, you don't drink caffiene. Zero, zilch, nada. It is a very sleepy week for me let me tell you! Instead of the caffiene, I am drinking between 72-96 oz. of water a day. It is a lot but I am doing it! I have gone 4 full days now.
Slow and steady wins the race right? I will keep you updated on how I am doing. I have not given up! My hiatus was just that...and now I am back! Ready to be healthy!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

kids day

Yesterday we had to endure yet another power outtage. An 8 hour outtage that turned into 9!! It was not fun. Not our idea of a good time. However, it also happened to be "Kids Day".There is a great Navy program called MWR( morale,welfare and recreation) and they always have a ton of stuff going on. So on Sat. they had tons of offers going on to entertain kids.

One was at the base bowling alley, 2 free games and a pizza! Good deal! The kids absolutely LOVED it! They got to use bumper lanes, but Ben wouldn't let me! Ivan loved "rolling the ball" and would cheer for everybody...even if we didn't get anything. He spent a lot of time eating, but also made it a little harder!

2 games was a little much for our kids, and so we stopped during the middle of the 2nd. We were all tired. Ben and the kids had gone up to the church and helped clean, I had been cleaning all day. And then there was no a/c to relax in!!

All in all we had a fun time. I won't tell you what place I came in. I will say though, that I didn't get to use bumper lanes. Ben wouldn't let me!

Harmony did come up to me and ask me, " when did you learn that you had a talent for bowling?" Isn't she sweet?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time to remember

**Every time I see a flag wave
**Every time I hear the Pledge of Allegiance
**Every time I drive through a guarded gate
**Every time I am saluted
** Every time someone calls me Ma'am
**Every time I flash my military ID
**Every time I see my husband in his uniform
**Every time I see "US Government" on my caller ID
**Every time I take the kids to the base theater, and we stand for the National Anthem before the movie starts
**Every time I go to the commissary and see elderly vets
** Every time I see the sign "FP Alcon"
** Every time I see men in uniform, walking around the exchange
** Every time I see " support our troops" or "pray for my soldier" bumper stickers
**Every time I see a yellow ribbon
**Every time I hear stories of loved ones saying goodbye
**Every time I hear a homecoming story
**Every time I see my neighbors, waving goodbye to their soldier, to start off their day
** Every time I hear spouses being called "the Homefront heros"
**Every time I watch Army Wives
** Every time I attend a military function
** Every time I look at my children and know all that they have sacrificed,to support a father in the military
** Every time, I realize how lucky and blessed I am, to live in the country that I do. For the rights and freedoms that I am given. Not because of what I have done to earn them, but because of where I was born. We are the home of the free because of the brave. May we NEVER forget...
*** that picture is not mine. Taken from the internet***

the pain in my rear

Well it used to be anyway!! These are the stairs. The infamous stairs. These are the stairs that lead out of the housing complex. Now, for the kids it is not really a big deal. But when you are a Mom, having to either a) drag a stroller up there b)hold the hand of a 2 year old all the way to the top, it makes it very hard. I mean what are you gonna do? Luckily, we started our "car pool" and I no longer have to bring Ivan with me! Anyway, here are some pictures from the walk. The one picture is the gate outside of our housing.

McCool open house

I realize that it has been awhile since I posted. I wish I could say that I was doing something REALLY exciting but...there really hasn't been much going on. After our whirlwind last week, ending with Harm's baptism, well life just kind of slowed.

Anyway, tonight we walked up to attend the open house at the kid's school. We went to Ethan's class first. He had some of his work in the hallway, and it was cute to see what he had written about his first day of school. We went into his class and heard shouts of "Ethan!". He is a very poplular kid! Another little girl, kept trying to pick Connor up! I guess they were all a little excited to see each other! Ethan's teacher told us that Ethan is a very sweet boy, a very hard worker and is just a really good boy. Always nice to hear!!

Next it was up to see Harmony's class room. Harmony had a whole checklist that her teacher had given her. It included introducing us to her teacher. We had a nice chat, and he said that he would be sending Harmony's paper work in for the gifted program. He is leaving for 9 days, he is the coach for the Guam Olympic team, and they are headed to China. But when he gets back he is going to get her reading level tested. He said that Harmony is a great girl who is very smart.
Connor had a peek in and a home visit, so they didn't open up his classroom tonight. They showed us the rest of the school and then it was time to head home.
Ethan decided to walk home by himself WITHOUT my permission. I swear that kid just kills me. We had told him that we were headed home BUT he decides to walk a little faster...until the next thing I know, he is gone. I see people we know, nope nobody has seen him. We are looking everywhere.I decided to take the 3 other kids home while Ben looked around the school. Finally, Ben decided to go see if he was home, and ran ahead of us.
And where was Ethan this whole time? While we were walking around frantic looking for our child? Wondering if our son has been kidnapped? At home, watching tv. Grounded. Ethan is now grounded. He is killin' me!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

could it be?

Is it possible that these two are related?!

the pictures

Well, we did it. We made it through! Our first baptism went off without a hitch! Because we chose to hold it on a week night, no one could make it up to turn the font on, because they were all still at work. So once we got up there, we turned it on. While we sat and waited, Ben and Ivan sat in the van and watched a movie!

People started coming and we didn't want to wait too long before we started. There were a couple of talks and then we went out. By this time it was POURING down rain. Although the font wasn't quite full, Ben was able to do it. Because the water was pretty shallow, she stuck her foot out on the way back up. So one more time around and they got it.

I helped her get dressed and then we went back in. Ben performed her confirmation, ended with cookies and juice...and that was that. Easy, relaxed. Just the way we like it!

Harmony was so happy and when she was getting changed, she told me, " Mom I know this is so important, but I am happy because Daddy was able to do it." "nough said.

It was a good day. A very good day. One I will remember for a looong time!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

the checklist..

** baptismal clothes for Ben and Harmony
**extra church clothes for both
** cookies
**paper products
** a guest sign in sheet
**a new dress for Harmony
** a baptism bracelet
**a bejeweled headband
** one Mom who can't stop crying, as she thinks about her daughter's life and all the accomplishments she has made.

Oh last thing I need...tissue. Lots and lots of tissue!

executive decision

Tonight is the big night. Harmony's baptism. The baptismal font is outside, which means I can take pictures of the actual ceremony. But... I have decided that, although yes I will be taking pictures of it ( of course) I will not post those pictures on my blog. It is a sacred ceremony, and I want to keep it that way. I will post family pictures and everything. However for family and friends who are interested in the actual ceremony pictures, I will upload them to a shutterfly album, that I will share with you. Just email me if you want me to share it with you!

And a huge THANK YOU to all those who sent her cards, pictures, drawings etc. I think she got the message when she said, " Mom this is really important isn't it? That is why everybody keeps sending me things." Exactly!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mother of the Year

I swear, I thought this year was going to be my year...but not so much. I think losing 2 kids in one day, severely decreases my chance for a win.

Because yesterday was Connor's first day, I walked with the kids to school. Until we got to the stairs, and then I realized I forgot his all important sticker. I had just told Harm and Ethan to keep going, or they were going to be late for school. When Harmony got home yesterday she said that she was so sad because a) I didn't walk to school with her and b) I forgot to tell her goodbye. So I made the decision to walk them to school every day.( See what a good Mom I am?!)

Today, we head out for our walk, Connor donning his sticker. I decided to not put Ivan in his stroller,and just hold his hand. So I am walking with my friend, talking away, when harmony decides to walk with a friend. They totally take off, AND SHE DID NOT EVEN SAY GOODBYE TO ME! I will make sure to tell her that tonight. But then Ethan got the idea to run way ahead...and Connor followed him. I thought they would wait at the top of the stairs...but no little Turner boys up there. I walk over to the kindergarden Connor. Check his Connor. Hurry to tell his teacher what is going on,and head over to the 1st grade section. There he is, sitting with Ethan, getting ready to line up with the 1st graders. Thank heaven for that all important sticker!

By this time, Ivan is getting tired and sweaty. So we get back to our house,and I am discussing a "carpool" of sorts ( each Mom is going to take a turn bringing the k's to and from school). When I realize that Ivan is no longer playing with our neighbor boy. I head inside, thinking maybe he went inside. No, no Ivan. I check up and down the street. Can not find him. I start to head back, thinking of looking in the backyard...when there he was. Standing in the yard. My neighbor saw him come out of the garage. Of course, why didn't I look in there?

So no nomination for me again this year!

Monday, September 03, 2007

what a week...

Can it be possible, that in less than a week, I have turned 29, sent another one of my babies off to kindergarten, and will have my oldest baptized? Yikes! This week is going to be seriously crazy. And I just know that there are going to be some tears shed!!

I honestly thought that Connor was going to be late on his first day! He took his own sweet time getting out of bed, and when I thought he was awake and getting dressed, I go upstairs to find him still in his pj's! Oy! He finally got dressed...except for shoes! Back upstairs. Finally we got him downstairs, his backpack packed and all that good stuff.

We were almost to the stairs that lead out of our housing when...I realized that I forgot his sticker! They each have a sticker with their name, classroom etc. so in case any kindergartener gets lost! I think it is mostly for those kids riding the bus...Anyway we headed back to get that.

Poor Connor, is so sunburnt from yesterday, but he was really excited to go. I held back my tears, but felt very teary eyed. I wasn't the only one who said they would wait and cry when they got home! Right before he walked in he said, " I will miss you Mommy!"...ok now the tears are flowing! I am going to miss him too. He is my little sweetheart!

Ivan is all by himself now. And the poor kid has my nasty cold, so he will be getting tons of lovin'. He is on his 2nd cup of choc.milk, snuggled in his blanket and watching Little Einstiens. Good times!

beach bash

We live on an island. A beautiful island. And we have not been to the beach since we arrived here. How sad is that?! When we lived in Norfolk, we were at the beach all the time, and now that we live 5 minutes away...haven't made it.

Today we headed out to a beach bash on an area called Polaris Point. The kids had so much fun playing in the ocean. Tons of their friends were there, so there was someone to play with. We had bbq hot dogs and hamburgers, watched Connor participate in a scavenger hunt.

Ethan and I went out on a paddle bike ( but unfortunatley by then the batteries on my camera died!) so no pictures. He was just a little too short to reach the pedals so I had to do it all by myself! What a work out,and I am sure I will be sore tomorrow!

We made sure to get a snow cone on our way out! Ivan woke up at 5 this morning, and was so tired that he was half asleep by the time we got home...about 5 minutes later!! He had spilled a whole bunch of his snow cone down his chest and that didn't even phase him!

Now we are just relaxing and I am getting up the energy to clean the house and get the kids ready for tomorrow!

choo choo's

Awhile ago, I mentioned how much Ivan loves trains. He has two that he plays with the most. A Thomas train and a Salty train. I got these from Yoplait for like a $1.50. And this is the third boy to enjoy them!! Very good deal.

Anyway, we were getting ready to go the other day,and Ivan decided that he would rather play trains in the gutters. He was so cute though so I had to go and grab my camera! So cute!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

the BIG 29

Is it true? Can it possibly be true, that I am now 29 years old? Some days I feel very old ( for example: Harmony and her friend Riley, were talking about the "old"Star Wars movies, and " yeah the guy that plays Han Solo, I think he is like 90 now!" ugh! Others, I feel very young ( for example :" You look way to young to have been married for 9 years" or" you look way to young to have 4 kids". Then there is the man on espn, who was talking about Kobe Bryant, and how he lost some weight because he is starting to get old...and he had just turned 29. Perspective. It is all about perspective.

It has been a very busy 29 years. So who am I? let me tell you...

* I am a wife
* I am a mother
*I am a sister
* I am a daughter
* I am a proud Navy wife
* I am a spouse club president
* I am a success
* I am a failure
* I am old fashioned
* I am a budget buster
*I am lost frequently
*I am a mini van driver
*I am a talker
*I am a listener
* I am a friend
*I am a baked goods junkie
* I am still a Law and Order watcher
* I am a cryer
* I am a "love movie" fanatic
* I am a reader
* I am a writer
* I am a nap taker
* I am a crank-the-a/c-and-cuddle-under-blankets kind of a girl
* I am a grocery shopper
* I am a meal planner
* I am a lunch maker
* I am an enforcer of the rules
*I am stubborn
* I am a worry wart
* I am just me