Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mother of the Year

I swear, I thought this year was going to be my year...but not so much. I think losing 2 kids in one day, severely decreases my chance for a win.

Because yesterday was Connor's first day, I walked with the kids to school. Until we got to the stairs, and then I realized I forgot his all important sticker. I had just told Harm and Ethan to keep going, or they were going to be late for school. When Harmony got home yesterday she said that she was so sad because a) I didn't walk to school with her and b) I forgot to tell her goodbye. So I made the decision to walk them to school every day.( See what a good Mom I am?!)

Today, we head out for our walk, Connor donning his sticker. I decided to not put Ivan in his stroller,and just hold his hand. So I am walking with my friend, talking away, when harmony decides to walk with a friend. They totally take off, AND SHE DID NOT EVEN SAY GOODBYE TO ME! I will make sure to tell her that tonight. But then Ethan got the idea to run way ahead...and Connor followed him. I thought they would wait at the top of the stairs...but no little Turner boys up there. I walk over to the kindergarden tent...no Connor. Check his classroom...no Connor. Hurry to tell his teacher what is going on,and head over to the 1st grade section. There he is, sitting with Ethan, getting ready to line up with the 1st graders. Thank heaven for that all important sticker!

By this time, Ivan is getting tired and sweaty. So we get back to our house,and I am discussing a "carpool" of sorts ( each Mom is going to take a turn bringing the k's to and from school). When I realize that Ivan is no longer playing with our neighbor boy. I head inside, thinking maybe he went inside. No, no Ivan. I check up and down the street. Can not find him. I start to head back, thinking of looking in the backyard...when there he was. Standing in the yard. My neighbor saw him come out of the garage. Of course, why didn't I look in there?

So no nomination for me again this year!

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