Monday, September 24, 2007

OK,if you had trouble getting to my layouts, I am going to give you kind of a round about way to get there. I don't think their site is set up to actually look for a person. So anyway here are a few more directions

go to and go to gallery. Next to the search box, there is a box for categories. Just choose scrapbook pages. So you are just going to put "Soaked" into the search box, and then click on scrapbook pages. After you do that, you will see a layout I did at SeaWorld. Once you get there, just click on "other layouts by Julie T".

If that doesn't work, just let me know!

I am actually going to TRY, try being the operative word, to scrapbook tonight. If it is I will let you know if I update my gallery!


Susan said...

Thanks. That worked perfectly. I enjoyed looking at your pages. I bet you can guess which one was my fave :) The Guam one was my second fave.

The Farr's said...

That is so much easier than the way I did it!! Can't wait to see more!!