Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time to remember

**Every time I see a flag wave
**Every time I hear the Pledge of Allegiance
**Every time I drive through a guarded gate
**Every time I am saluted
** Every time someone calls me Ma'am
**Every time I flash my military ID
**Every time I see my husband in his uniform
**Every time I see "US Government" on my caller ID
**Every time I take the kids to the base theater, and we stand for the National Anthem before the movie starts
**Every time I go to the commissary and see elderly vets
** Every time I see the sign "FP Alcon"
** Every time I see men in uniform, walking around the exchange
** Every time I see " support our troops" or "pray for my soldier" bumper stickers
**Every time I see a yellow ribbon
**Every time I hear stories of loved ones saying goodbye
**Every time I hear a homecoming story
**Every time I see my neighbors, waving goodbye to their soldier, to start off their day
** Every time I hear spouses being called "the Homefront heros"
**Every time I watch Army Wives
** Every time I attend a military function
** Every time I look at my children and know all that they have sacrificed,to support a father in the military
** Every time, I realize how lucky and blessed I am, to live in the country that I do. For the rights and freedoms that I am given. Not because of what I have done to earn them, but because of where I was born. We are the home of the free because of the brave. May we NEVER forget...
*** that picture is not mine. Taken from the internet***

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