Monday, September 17, 2007

3 months

3 months ago on Saturday, we stepped off the plane. Completely exaughsted. Annoyed with the kids. Annoyed with each other. Annoyed with how many bags we were now trying to fit onto carts. Ready to be in the hotel. We walked out to find our ward room waiting for us. Very welcoming. Although, the thought that runs through your mind is, " holy cow I must look scary!". But here we are. Sometimes I feel like I have been on this island forever. And at others I feel just as new as I did that day. There have been good things and there have been the not so good...

The good:

** the island is beautiful. It may not be Hawaii, but there is nothing like waking up to a strip of the ocean and palm trees in your back yard

** the people. In our wardroom, at church, in our housing. People are so nice & friendly. Laid back and so easy going. Willing to help. Just good down to earth people.

** there is so much to do. Wether it is with MWR, our church, or the wardroom, there is always something going on. We are never at a loss of things to do.

**knowing someone when you go places.You are always seeing someone you know. It makes it feel more homey.

**living in housing. I have honestly love it.

** having Ben work so close to home. No more half hour commutes.

** the drop in day care

** a free pool

** the school and good teachers
The bad...
**POWER OUTTAGES ( you knew that one was coming!)
** sudden changes in weather
** no Target, no Sonic, no good craft stores

**commissary is limited, no good grocery stores

** prices are too high

** everyone shops at the same place, so your kids are always dressed similar ( if not exactly) to all the other kids

**the humidity

**the lack of selection

So there you have it. When we told people we were coming here, we were warned about...snakes (haven't seen any), "frisbee frogs" (have seen a ton of those)the weather ( yep it sucks sometimes)that we would get bored ( hasn't happened yet!)boonie dogs ( have seen tons).

I miss the states. I do. I realize that there are so many things there that I took for granted. Like adhesive for scrapbooking. It's like non-existent here. Like Target. Like Sonic. Like Dairy Queen. Like reliable computer connections. Like good grocery stores. Like tv shows being on the right day( we are a day behind, ex. if a show is on Sunday for is Monday for us) Like having stores open 24 hrs, like being in the same time zone as people you know, like our families, like our friends. I could go on. I won't. I will spare you.

So that is it. 3 months on Guam summed up in a blog post. Wonder what the next 3 months will hold...

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