Monday, September 03, 2007

what a week...

Can it be possible, that in less than a week, I have turned 29, sent another one of my babies off to kindergarten, and will have my oldest baptized? Yikes! This week is going to be seriously crazy. And I just know that there are going to be some tears shed!!

I honestly thought that Connor was going to be late on his first day! He took his own sweet time getting out of bed, and when I thought he was awake and getting dressed, I go upstairs to find him still in his pj's! Oy! He finally got dressed...except for shoes! Back upstairs. Finally we got him downstairs, his backpack packed and all that good stuff.

We were almost to the stairs that lead out of our housing when...I realized that I forgot his sticker! They each have a sticker with their name, classroom etc. so in case any kindergartener gets lost! I think it is mostly for those kids riding the bus...Anyway we headed back to get that.

Poor Connor, is so sunburnt from yesterday, but he was really excited to go. I held back my tears, but felt very teary eyed. I wasn't the only one who said they would wait and cry when they got home! Right before he walked in he said, " I will miss you Mommy!"...ok now the tears are flowing! I am going to miss him too. He is my little sweetheart!

Ivan is all by himself now. And the poor kid has my nasty cold, so he will be getting tons of lovin'. He is on his 2nd cup of choc.milk, snuggled in his blanket and watching Little Einstiens. Good times!


Eric Jensen said...

Yeah, Heather went to her first day of kindergarten without her "sticker" - it was ok, she knew where she belonged and isn't afraid to talk to anyone. So, no backpack for Connor, huh? He's probably smart enough to realize he'll be lugging one around for a long time, so no reason to start in kindergarten when it is just for looks. The picture of him walking to school is the first one of your neighborhood (I assume) - it looks kind of normal!

marie said...

Actually, I was carrying his backpack! He had so many school supplies it nearly knocked the poor kid over!!

Am I sensing a theme, that you would like to see some more pictures of guam?!