Saturday, September 15, 2007

kids day

Yesterday we had to endure yet another power outtage. An 8 hour outtage that turned into 9!! It was not fun. Not our idea of a good time. However, it also happened to be "Kids Day".There is a great Navy program called MWR( morale,welfare and recreation) and they always have a ton of stuff going on. So on Sat. they had tons of offers going on to entertain kids.

One was at the base bowling alley, 2 free games and a pizza! Good deal! The kids absolutely LOVED it! They got to use bumper lanes, but Ben wouldn't let me! Ivan loved "rolling the ball" and would cheer for everybody...even if we didn't get anything. He spent a lot of time eating, but also made it a little harder!

2 games was a little much for our kids, and so we stopped during the middle of the 2nd. We were all tired. Ben and the kids had gone up to the church and helped clean, I had been cleaning all day. And then there was no a/c to relax in!!

All in all we had a fun time. I won't tell you what place I came in. I will say though, that I didn't get to use bumper lanes. Ben wouldn't let me!

Harmony did come up to me and ask me, " when did you learn that you had a talent for bowling?" Isn't she sweet?!

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