Sunday, December 12, 2010

My bad

**I have tried to move these pictures around a million times. It's not working so you are going to have to have them as is. Sorry!

I promised Ben that I would keep this blog updated while he is gone. Uhm yeah, he has been gone for 40 days and I haven't updated yet. Soo, no apologies or excuses, here is an update on the Turner fam.

Like I mentioned, Ben has been gone for 40 days. To a normal person, that may sound like a long time. But for a military wife, when you know you have a LOT more to go, 40 doesn't sound like much. We are able to chat with him somewhat frequently, but wish it was easier. His connection will go in and out the whole time. He doesn't share to much about what he is doing because he thinks I would be bored.

Harmony is lovin' band. I can't tease her about being "a band geek" though! She had her first concert the other day. She had a lot of fun. She is playing clarinet but she also plays the keyboard. We went to the ward Christmas party, and she snuck into the primary room and played on the piano.

Ethan is bored now that chess club is over. The "only" thing he does is Scouts. He complains all day about having to go to Scouts and than talks non stop about it for the rest of the week. He has a lot of fun and the program here is really good.

Connor loves Scouts too. He really likes to wear his uniform. I am always finding him with his Scout shirt on. He got a very good report card with very sweet comments from his teacher. One of the things she said is that he is "academically strong." Connor has been walking around saying, "wow, my teacher thinks that I am strong." I don't think he heard (or understood) the academic part.
I was very pleased with Ivan's report card also. He is right on target with his peers. There are still things he struggles with but education wise, he is where he should be. He hasn't been feeling well, he catches anything that goes around, and has had watery eyes. So he keeps telling me that his "eyes are sweating". Precious.

Mason is one word...annoying! I forgot what this age was like! He has discovered markers/crayons/pens/pencils and will write on the walls. Or get into the pantry, use his teeth to get a box open, and then scatters the contents everywhere. He ripped open hot chocolate packets and then licked them off the floor. He is into everything and I can't turn my back on him for a second. Luckily for him, he is cute!