Monday, April 26, 2010

The Waiting Place

You know the book "Oh the Places You'll Go"? It just happens to be one of Ivan's favorites.

Lately I have been feeling like I am in a waiting place.

We haven't left Guam, although life as we know it here is wrapping up fast! I filled in my calender for the next 3 weeks and it is filled with lasts. Last Cub scouts, last Girl Scouts, last Achievement Days, last beach trips, last days of school, going away parties and dinners...On and on. So we are just kind of "waiting" for this time to end.

But we are also waiting for our new life to start. One at "home" and one in CA. So we are just waiting for our itinerary. Waiting to pack our luggage.
Waiting to fly out.

I have been feeling a bit...well melancholy about it all. I am starting to feel very sad at the thought of leaving what has become our second family. But I am looking forward to seeing biological family. Such a mix of emotions.

3 weeks left in the "waiting place"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Adventure begins

(the boys room...or what is left of it!)
(our very HOMEY living room...doesn't it look comfy?!)

I am sitting on our cold tile floor. We have no table or couch etc. The movers came bright and early on Monday...and left with most of our worldly possessions yesterday!

Right now we are living with air mattresses and camp chairs! However, our loaner furniture is supposed to be here some time today. I hope soon because my bum is killing me! (:

The kids of course are lovin' it! Connor told me he was "addicted" to his air mattress because it is sooo comfortable. I told him it probably wouldn't be as comfortable if he weighed over 50 lbs!

We are hanging in there and I will try to update later when I have something better to sit on!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

First bath & baby model

OK, so this was not Mason's FIRST bath. However, it was his first bath without any crying!!

Since Mason hasn't been able to sit up until just recently (which we have to put him in that position) he has had to lay down for every bath. He HATED it. Screaming and crying. The older kids would say " cover your ears, Mason is taking a bath!" Then I would get teased that I was torturing him.

Well, he was covered head to toe in goo, and there was no way I could put a bath off. He held on tightly as I tried to place him in. But then he did fine! Splashing and playing with toys. He was precious!

Unfortunatley, my nice camera died and I look at these pictures and realize just how much I miss it. Mason hates the flash and so I can't get any pictures of him with his eyes open. He is still cute though.

The other picture is just this funny pose that he has been doing lately. His physical therapist calls it his super model pose!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An update...finally!!

(My nice camera broke :( So the only pictures I get of Mason he has his eyes closed. He is not a fan of the flash!)

(We filled Ben's car with balloons on April Fools Day!)

The other day, as Ben was surfing the internet, he said, " do you realize it has almost been a month since you updated your blog?" Yikes. My only excuse is that we are BUSY. With 32 days left on Guam, there is soooo much to do. But here is a recap of what we have been up too!

Harmony is as cute as ever. She is still absolutely loving piano. I think she is able to play by ear as she has taught herself how to play a couple of songs. She is also currently writing a song. She is winding down with all her activities as we are getting closer and closer to our move.She has been writing and re-writing her list for the things she wants with her on the plane!

Ethan is such a smarty pants. He constantly amazes me with the things that come out of his mouth! We had recieved paperwork to have him tested for gifted and never filled it out. (Bad Mom!) Hopefully we can get it going once we get into his new school. He is a good kid and loves Mason. He is always trying to get him to smile...which is actually pretty easy!

Connor is as sweet as ever. We attended the base Easter egg hunt and he only got a few eggs. Then, he got some stolen out of his basket! Poor kid. He declared that it was the worse Easter ever. However, after Mom loaded him down with candy he was fine. The poor kid though, has been getting food stolen out of his lunch. Ben says to quit making him such fun lunches. Poor Connor!

Ivan is growing every day. Not just in height but in the things he is learning. He is learning so much and is doing a great job at school. His daredevil ways are really starting to scare me though. They even had to let me know at school that he was hanging from one of the highest toys. Oiy! The other day he slipped a note under the bathroom door where he had written his last name. Such a big boy.

Mason , I swear practically lives at the doctor. From well child exams, to physical therapy to opthamology and with his appts. with the specialist...whew. He remains a very happy and content child. His physical therapist feels that he is developing well. He has just learned to do certain things on one side and so prefers it that way. He just has to exercise the other side. We are so happy to hear that he is doing so well. He has two new teeth and is starting to get on all fours. Very exciting times!

Ben and I are busy, busy, busy. Our daily phone calls are starting to consist of who got what done on our to do list!! We are so excited to be going home soon. However, we are starting to feel sad about leaving our friends behind.

That's it for now. Hopefully I will update in a week...not another month!