Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Adventure begins

(the boys room...or what is left of it!)
(our very HOMEY living room...doesn't it look comfy?!)

I am sitting on our cold tile floor. We have no table or couch etc. The movers came bright and early on Monday...and left with most of our worldly possessions yesterday!

Right now we are living with air mattresses and camp chairs! However, our loaner furniture is supposed to be here some time today. I hope soon because my bum is killing me! (:

The kids of course are lovin' it! Connor told me he was "addicted" to his air mattress because it is sooo comfortable. I told him it probably wouldn't be as comfortable if he weighed over 50 lbs!

We are hanging in there and I will try to update later when I have something better to sit on!


Julie said...

Oh yes! We are very familiar with Aloha furniture. What do they call it in Guam? And Addie would totally agree with Connor... she is always complaining about her "uncomfortable" bed and how she wishes she could sleep on an air mattress all the time. Kids.

becky said...

good luck with all of that. I can't imagine in living with no furniture and tile floors.