Wednesday, August 04, 2010

House pictures pt. 2

(the boy's door with vinyl lettering)

(Ethan & Mason's room. When I finish decorating he is going to have a space theme)

(Ethan's verrry red dresser)

(view 2)

(1st view of the boys' Spongebob bathroom)

( oh how embarrasing! Connor and Ivan's room. When clean and I finish decorating, they have a sports theme)

(her door with vinyl lettering)

( the side of her room)

(her verrry green dresser)

(Harmony's room! Her favorite colors are orange, blue & green)

OK here are a few more pictures. These are of the kiddo's rooms. I would just like to say now that after asking Connor & Ivan a thousand times to clean their rooms...well, they still didn't.


Beth said...

I love the vinyl on the doors and the Spongebob bathroom!!

Erin Dooley said...

I love all the rooms! You're such a good mom:)

Marie said...

Thanks Beth and Erin! I only had black vinyl at the time so I am going to do more once I have more colors! I love vinyl, it is so fun!