Thursday, August 12, 2010

Space Dogz

(the stage)

(the leading man)

(the rowdy audience!)

My kids worked for awhile in producing their first play. Harmony did background music, Ethan wrote the script. Connor and Ethan were actors. They tried to give Ivan a part but he wasn't interested. So he got to be part of the audience.

They were very cute, using their Webkinz as the characters. They were pretty humurous and the play was a cross between Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter...pretty much all of their favorite movies.

When the audience got a little rowdy (ie. Mason) they ended with a bow. And we were only charged a .5 entry fee! (:


becky said...

Very creative. I haven't checked out blogs in a while. How is life in the States.

Erin Dooley said...

I LOVE your kids!!! They seem so fun and always on the go. You are an amazing mom Marie!