Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For Ben...

Mason loved getting a ride with Daddy!

playing in the spider web

Air born!

Look how tall Harmony is! She is going to be taller than her Grandma (and her Mom) soon!

(It was Boo at the zoo while we were there!)

Ben keeps asking me if I am going to update this blog more once he is gone. Apparently he isn't interested in the the things on my other blog...recipes, kid tips etc (:

So I am going to try RRRRREALLY hard to keep this updated, ecspecially for him!

This past week, we were happy to have Ben's parents come and visit. Can I even tell you how nice it is to not have to wait years between visits, like we did on Guam?

We took them to the Santa Barbara zoo on Saturday. We really like the SB zoo, because it isn't the biggest in the world but not the smallest either.

After a week of rain and chilly weather, it was nice to have a warm day to spend walking around.

We have a membership, so if you come and visit, we'll take you too! (:

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