Friday, October 29, 2010

Costume Parade

My gorgeous boys (:

A grumpy Indy

He was actually walking backward to school!
The boys school had a costume parade today.

Ivan, although he has been wearing the Indiana Jones costume for weeks, went as a pirate. I drew some facial hair on him and he washed it off. He told me, "Mom, that made me look HIDEOUS!" Not even sure where he learned that from!

Connor went as Indy instead and threw a HUGE fit. Connor's life is never fair and his complaints were just silly. Once he got to school and got some compliments from his friends, he did much better. For a calm, quiet kid he sure can put up a fuss!

Ethan went as Harry Potter. He sure has grown in a year. It was small on him last year but today I noticed how short the arms on his cloak were. I guess he will have to get something new next year.
Harmony wore the poodle skirt that she got in Girl Scouts last year. She made a very cute 50's girl! I didn't get any pictures of her 'cause we were a touch late getting to school today!

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The Anglesey Family said...

Love all the costumes!