Saturday, June 27, 2009

Biding my time...

(Ivan played in the pool for like 3 hours that day! No kidding. The kid is part fish!)

(Right before she got in trouble for giving Ethan wedgies and had to get out!)

(soaking up the sun)

(Where I spend the majority of my time these days)

Well I am finally taking a minute to sit down and update my blog. There has been a lot going on but if you have been following me on facebook...well you are pretty much caught up. But lets see what I can do...

This week I have tried to relax and take it easy. I am so grateful to my Mom because I have been able to lay down a lot. :) My doctor even let me know that she was spoiling me!

I have non-stress tests every Tuesday and Friday. These are supposed to be one hour long appts but have turned into 2-4 hours! It is taking it's toll and I am ready to be done with them.

After being in the hospital all last weekend, I had to go back on Tuesday. I was checked again and was having a lot of regular contractions while on the monitor. The dr. decided to have me admitted to the Mother Baby Unit and given a shot of medicine to stop the contractions. This did work and they resided for awhile.

Wednesday and Thursday I did a little more activity and was rewarded with some soreness and contractions.

Friday I went to a different dr. ( oh how I love military hospitals) and he was completely different than my other one. Personality wise. Very laid back and easy going. I wish I would have had him the whole time! He did an ultrasound and said three things that filled me with relief...1) Mason has really chunky legs! Why is that good? Because it means that he weighs enough! 2) Mason was "breathing". In the womb, they don't really breathe, but they do mimic it. Why is this good? It means his lungs have developed. 3) I have lots of amniotic fluid. Why is this good? Apparently with gestational diabetes babies that can be a problem. So even though my blood sugars weren't perfect...he is looking fabulous. So bring on labor...right?

Well...yesterday Mom and I took the kids to eat and play. Then I was home for a little bit and Ben and I went to Home Depot. Walking around made me so tired, that I opted to sit in the car while he ran into K-Mart. I felt sore and was having contractions so took it nice and easy for the evening.

Until 8:30 when contractions started full force. At first they were coming every 12 minutes. Then got down to 8..then 7. Ben was at a Hail and Farewell and I had to call him home! We made the decision to go to the hospital.

We got there and I got an IV of fluids, put on a know all that good stuff! They checked my cervix and I am now between a 3-4. I am 60% effaced. However, because I am only 35 weeks they won't do anything to "help" the labor. In fact, they keep giving me drugs to stop it! We ended up coming home at about 2:30. Tired and still no baby!

So where does that leave us? I have keep taking my perscription. Ben has round 4 of his tests for his architects license on Tuesday. I am trying to wait until then so he can go take it. No promises though. The doctors have said that I can stop the perscription at 36 weeks which would be next Saturday. However...I am going to stop on Wed. I know I am not following doctors orders. But I really don't believe that 2 days will make a huge difference! All of these appts., perscriptions, going in and out of the hospital is taking it's toll. Physically and emotionally. I am done with this pregnancy, what can I say?

I know everyone has probably fallen asleep by now but that is what we have been doing around here. The kids have cabin fever as they have been stuck at the house. We did get them a pool the other day and they had a blast playing in it. So that is what the pictures are from. They are at each other's throats and I know are just getting sick of each other. I am going to "research" some summer boredom busters because they are driving us crazy! Hey, does anyone have a child who wants to have a pen pal? They could write some letters, that would be something fun.

Anyway, I am closing this novel of a post. I will keep you updated on Mason's big debut!


Eight is Enough said...

Sorry about the labor stuff, it sounds awful. My "baby" turned 1 yesterday and I was feeling sad because she was our last but I can say that I doubt I will ever miss pregnancy, especially the end. You mentioned penpals. My kids love that kind of thing so we should set something up. My kids' ages are 10, 8, 7, 5, 2, 1. What are your kids' ages?

Janice said...

Hang in there! I wish I could go early. I wouldn't want to go at 36 weeks this pregnancy because we are supposed to be at the beach that week of my pregnancy. Maybe he'll get sick of being in my stomach and decide that he wants out after we get home from the beach! (We can only hope)

Christy said...

I know you are ready to be done, but it is so much better for Mason if he can make it to 37 weeks. The closer he gets, the better it is. As far as pen pals, Dylan and Connor would be a good match.

Mark and Tammy said...

Just start pushing now-I mean you may get tired and all but maybe he'll come. I am so excited for your family and I am sure you are ready. When you are hot, miserable and you are pregnant then you are just at the end of your rope. Take care and good luck, I 'll be thinking about ya

becky said...

good luck. this is the worst part that is for sure. And it is annoying to have all those contractions and not get a baby relatively soon.

castlemom13 said...

Hang in there Marie and I have several kids that would love to have pen pals. Send me their ages and we can match them up.

Heather said...

i do i do me heather