Monday, June 08, 2009

saying goodbye...

Today is it! The last day of school (for our kids anyway). We are leaving school around 1:00 ish. So join me as I say goodbye too...

**waking kids up at the crack of dawn
**making sure we always have clean uniforms
**looking for lost bus passes
**nightly homework
**projects that get sprung on you last minute
**huge messes at breakfast because everyone is rushing off to the bus and can't possibly clean it up
** saying, " do you have your lunch" 15 times only to have it left on the kitchen counter
**buying last minute lunchables
**signing behavior folders, homework sheets
**notes sent home, lost in the bottom of backpacks
**kids asking for $$ for the spirit store, bake sales, book fairs etc

Getting ready to say hello to....
**sleeping in
**not as rushed mornings
**not having to worry about lunches until lunch time
**kids home to take Astro out so I don't have too
**later nights for going on walks, family movie nights etc
**reading books into the night
** more down time
**popsicles by the dozen
**playing at the park
**time for crafts

Even though on Guam,the weather never changes...we are excited to welcome SUMMER


becky said...

You have been busy but it looks like it is really exciting things. How neat to see your little guy all in white. I hope you get a little rest now that summer has begun. It is busier for me but maybe that is because my guys are little still.

heidigoseek said...

i agree. it's not always easier with them home, but i am craving the lack of schedule. at least for awhile.