Sunday, February 14, 2010 we come!

For those who don't follow us on Facebook, we finally recieved our orders! We were very excited. For those who aren't military, you can do all the planning you want, but until you have those official orders, NOTHING is set in stone. Now the busy-ness begins. Purging, packing, getting passports, planning pack outs, cleaning...There is a huge list of what we have to do.

We had made some plans and were thrown a little when we received Ben's deployment schedule. He is now leaving before Christmas :( and will be doing quite a bit of training before that. We aren't sure how much we will see him after June.

The bright side is that we will be HOME. We can't wait to spend time with everyone.

We have enjoyed our time on Guam and will miss our friends here. Right now are feelings are very bitter sweet. I think that is where Shakespeare came up with, "parting is such sweet sorrow."

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