Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Connor &Ben

(how big is that chocolate milk?!)

After the huge party that we threw for Ivan, the idea of getting another party done in just two weeks left me tired! So we decided to hold off until the 27th. Although the plans for his luau are in full swing, we still had to do something for his birthday right?!

Harmony had a big GS activity yesterday and we ended up being gone until almost 1pm. So unfortunatley his day wasn't very exciting!

It is a tradition to let the birthday person pick a restaurant to go eat at. Harmony is all about Ruby Tuesday or Planet Hollywood etc. What did Connor want? Taco Bell. Ivan chose McDonalds on his birthday. Is that the difference between boys and girls? (:

Connor had already picked out 2 lego sets before his birthday, Ben got a new ipod for his birthday, so Connor was gifted his old one. He also got a fun new beach towel, pj pants with a skateboarder on them, a Bakugan book and some cool markers. But the big gift was the skateboard!! Doesn't he look so cute riding around?

He ended with his favorite, a "C" dinner of mini corn dogs, chips, chocolate milk, cinnamon rolls eaten at the coffee table while watching Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Happy Birthday Connor!

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becky said...

I bet he loves his skateboard. He looks like a natural already.