Sunday, February 14, 2010

whole lotta postin' going on!

(How cute is she? Our friends daughter crashed on the couch. Nothing was waking her up!)

(present time)

(hanging out)

(cake time!)

(Harmony handing out loot!)

(Ivan with his best friend Shawn. Ivan didn't want his picture taken, can you tell?)

(our friend made this fabulous cake for Ivan!)

(Not only did Ben put up the bounce house, he did it while holding Mason!)

(the pirate cupcakes!)

I hope you are sitting in a comfortable chair! So much has happened with us and I am going to try and catch everyone up!

First things first, Ivan's birthday! What a fun time we had. The day before, I made cupcakes with gold coins and jolly rogers for him to take to school. He was ecstatic and loved showing them to his friends. When I went to pick him up from school, he was holding a gift bag and a balloon. His friend Jayden wasn't able to come to his party and so brought him a gift and the balloon.

Ivan absolutely loved the balloon! Probably his favorite gift of all! (:

The day before his party was busy,busy,busy. We got a bounce house (ok Ben got it). Of course the kids wanted it set up the night before. They bounced around as I got the decorations put up. We made yet more jolly rogers ( I swear if I make another one it will be to soon!) a big pirate cut out, banners, balloons and got a treasure hunt figured out.

Ivan did pretty well at his party. There were times when he was overwhelmed but I am proud of him.

We enjoyed a wonderful day with friends, food, fun and a totally cool FIVE year old. Ivan said to me more than once, " Can I stay 5 all week?" Apparently it was so much turning 5 he wanted to keep doing it!

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Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Ivan! Looks like he had fun. Coolest cake ever, by the way - I love it.