Monday, October 06, 2008

brother bond

When I found out that I was preggo with Connor, I wanted to kill Ben. Seriously. I was so upset.I felt bad for Ethan that his turn at being the baby had been cut so short.

When I had my ultra-sound and found out it was another boy, I felt bad. I thought that since the boys were so close in age they probably wouldn't get along very well. Having to share friends, rooms, toys etc.

What I wasn't prepared for, was the incredibly close bond that those two have. Now don't get me wrong, those two can fight with the best of them. But, it is amazing to me to see them when they are together.

They giggle, and whisper secrets. They talk about Legos, Indiana Jones and video games. They share jokes. They do some gross boy things. They walk to the bus stop together. They make sure that the other one is ok. They sit by each other on the bus. They are not just brothers but friends.

My favorite thing that they do, by far, is their "bestest brother sleepovers". I told them that by sharing a room, they have sleepovers every night. They don't see it that way though! So it is becoming a regular thing, to go in and find them both asleep on the same bed. Usually it is just the two of them, but I think they would let Ivan if he went right to sleep and didn't bug them. Usually when you find them like this, there are legos on the bed also!

I went in to check on them last night, and found them asleep on Connor's bed. So I just had to snap pictures and remember this moment. Ahhhh...boys!


Speaking of brother bonds, although the other two are not quite as close with Ivan, they still want to help him. Ivan is very picky about how his legos are "fixed". So usually I just have Ethan and Connor do it! One day Ivan was very unhappy with how I had put his ship back together, so I said my usual line, " Well have Connor help you when he gets home." And Ivan pipes up with, "Mommy you go get Connor school. He need help me." Nice try Ivan. But as you can see by the pictures, as soon as he got home he helped his little brother! I love these boys!


Cindy said...

That is very sweet that your boys are such good buddies. That's something they'll have throughout their lives.

The Farr's said...

That is so sweet! You kids are great! Doesn't it make you feel so good when they get along so well?
BTW~I love your new background!

becky said...

So cute. Landon is still young but I love that Brenten will say that Landon is his best friend. Thats the way it should be and they love sharing a room.