Thursday, October 09, 2008

trouble maker

Every day, the children in Ethan's class, start the day with 3 smiley faces. If they have bad behavior, one gets turned over. If all three get turned over, you get a note sent home.

The other night, I made baked beans to go along with our dinner. Ethan REFUSED to eat them. He whined, cried, kicked a stool etc. So I sent him off to bed nice and early.

The next morning, he comes home from school, and doesn't want to show me his folder. That can't be good right? A note from his teacher that he had a very bad day. He had been teasing another student, and when he was asked to stop he didn't. Finally his teacher talked to him about it, and he flat out lied to her. I was so unhappy with him. I talked to Ben, and he was very tough on him. One week of no video games for every smile turned over. 3 weeks of no video games.But I thought oh surely, he has learned and he won't get in trouble again...

Oh how I was wrong. He came home from school and he didn't answer when I welcomed him home and asked how his day was. He just started crying. I said oh please no, Ethan. Another note home. They were giving parts out in a play,and he couldn't keep his hands off another boy. So he lost his part in the play! Then he was pouting for the rest of the day. So he didn't do his work. So I get a note home from his teacher, who would call me about everything. Oiy. She actually didn't call but I am anxious to talk to her....not really!

Ethan was given the chance to write me a letter, before his teacher called, here is what he wrote:
"When I got to be in a play. When we where geting are parts. I sqeysed Tyler he told on me and I lost my part of a tadpole and at lunch I cried the hole time and at resese to and I want a part in the play. I wish hvent do it. please don't add 3 more weeks of gronding. please don't. I think your buietyful!"

I admit I started laughing at the end! However, Ben took away his DS for another 3 weeks, and all his pokemon cards. He would have lost scouts too if it wasn't in his house! He better have a better day today because the kid is going to have nothing to do...but bug me!


becky said...

I am SOOO glad I am not there. I was so good in school. I don't know what I would do. And I swear it runs in Christians side of the family to think they are "funny" at school. We will see. From what I have heard you are definately not alone. Isn't it so hard when the Dad grounds them from almost everything and then they leave for work all day. Sometimes it kills me but I have to stick to it too. It usually helps us though.

The Farr's said...

LOL...I am so sorry but I am cracking up at his note! I love how he added that he thinks you are beautiful! Do our kids know how to work us or what?
My kids are currently grounded from video games. It sucks! They are driving me crazy! Hopefully they learned their lesson!

Marie said...

Yeah I keep telling Ben that it is all his fault. I never got in trouble at school! Although...he didn't either. He did in primary though!