Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the most important meal of the day

I admit, I am really bad about making breakfast for the kids. Usually it is cold cereal or breakfast cookies ( made by Quaker, not me). I actually do not have very many breakfast ideas/recipes. I know that it is important for me to send them off with nice full bellies though. This morning I got up and made them breakfast. And I was shocked at how much they ate! Here are the details of what it takes to feed the Turner 4:

1 dozen eggs ( Harmony was bummed that there were not enough for seconds)
3 slices of ham cut into the eggs
1 whole bag of Thomas English muffins ( with butter & honey)
1 entire can of oj

And that is just for 4 kids! Please pray for a Costco/BJ's/Sams Club to come to Guam!


Angie said...

Its ridiculous isn't it! My guys are complete pigs when it comes to breakfast but then when you want them to eat real food later in the day, they won't do it. So frustrating! P.S. Jessie says could you please have Harmony email her. Thanks!

Jennie said...

I know exactly what you mean..I have that X2. Nice though I married a chef so he cooks breakfast. Problem is elbowing my way in to get some before it's gone!

becky said...

my kids really go to town when we have eggs too. But they think that is dinner food. :) Brenten is good and will eat oatmeal every morning but landon he wants sugary cereal and I can't really blame him.

Little Hensley Fam said...

yikes! Well I wished you were here, there's a place I can get a dozen eggs for $1.25, which I think is not bad, but you have to buy them in bulk, so that's what me and a few other gals do, and so I have gotten 3 dozen at a time this time around! Crazy huh?
Mostly I use it for baking, since only Jonas, Eliza and I (don't know about Wyatt yet) like the eggs.