Tuesday, October 21, 2008

love notes

So this morning Ethan comes down wanting an envelope. So I gave him one and started to put his letters in it. He writes notes to his teacher all the time. Anyway, he said one of the letters was not for his teacher, but it was for Brooke. Ethan has been "in love" with Brooke since last year. I asked him what the note said, and he told me, " well it is a love note." He let me read it so I hurried and wrote it down. Here it is....(spelling is his also)

Dear Brooke,
Villets are Blue
Roses are red
you fly through me
and you and so do I

By unown
Love your secret admirer

I asked him how he knows when he loves someone. His answer..."Because of their eyes." That was it.Nothing deeper. That boy, is just the sweetest little thing.


Janice said...

That is the cutest thing! He'll be a heart breaker - that one! I'm sure that little girl will be swept off her feet.

becky said...

So cute. I have a love note from a boy in kindergarten. I still remember that boy.

heidigoseek said...

he could probably have that same answer in 10 years...so sweet:)