Monday, October 06, 2008

girl in a whirl

Oh my heck! I just finished writing 4 new dates on my calender. The whole month of October is almost completely filled. Yikes. No wonder I feel tired just looking at that darn calender!:)

So we had a way busy weekend. It actually started before that. So lets just begin, shall we? I have 2.5 hours until my next appt. so there is no time to dawdle!

Harmony joined a 4th & 5th grade choir who would be singing at the ribbon cutting ceremony of their new school. This consisted of practices two times a week. As the ceremony, got closer, Harmony asked me if I was going to go and watch her. I told her of course, when had I missed anything of hers. She let me know that when she was in 2nd grade I missed 1 out of 4 of her Honor Roll ceremonies. I do not remember that ( as I am sure I would have Mommy guilt) but I assured her I would be there. I hurried to the gym and found a perfect "picture taking" seat. Ben was able to come and so we sat and waited. Well, instead of having the choir stand in front of the audience, they just had them stand up in their seats and sing the Guam hymn after the National Anthem. And many kids from the stands, joined in. Not what I was expecting, but at least she can't say I wasn't there!! Ben just thought it was cool because the astraunot who came, has been on the Colbert Report!

Friday we were supposed to get our family pictures taken. Unfortunatley, beach pictures and the rainy season don't always go hand in hand. We will be trying again soon. Instead we stayed up late and ate Chinese food.

Because our branch is so small, a lot of the families overlap when it comes to home/visit teaching. So the guys decided that the best way to get it all done...was to hang out as families on the beach once a month. So we tried to do that this Saturday. Only three of us were able to come but hopefully we will have more next time! Thank you Langs for letting us play on your jet ski,and thanks Lallatins for letting us borrow life jackets! We had a blast and the kids haven't stopped talking about it!

Unfortunatley we couldn't stay at the beach for too long. I had to take the boys to a Cub Scout bowling day,and Harmony had a birthday party. So I dropped Harm off and the boys and I went to the bowling alley. We haven't been "real" bowling in a while, so I had to remind them that the bowling balls were a little heavier than the Wii controller! Ethan won a round of bowling! However both boys cried when they didn't win a laptop in the raffle! Actually they didn't win anything. So Mom get them ice cream.

We got home around 6:30 and Ben and Ivan were no where to be found. Ben took him to get McD's and Legos!

The kids were sooo tired and they headed to bed early. Ivan and I fell asleep about 5 minutes later on the couch!

Harmony was tired and cranky on Saturday morning and was so glad it was conference weekend. Sorry babe. We are still trying to get used to the fact that we don't have conference until next weekend!

Today was grocery shopping, home visits, cub scouts and...the list continues!


Angie said...

I think I get tired just reading about your activities Marie! I don't know how you do it all!

Janice said...

Wow! Sounds like you all are very busy!! I know how that can be sometimes (I an occasionally busy beyond belief). I hate it, but sometimes like it in a strange way. Definitely no time to have "idle" time.

Jenn said...

You are one busy little bee! Look on the bright side at least some of it is the fun kind of busy. And most of it sounds like it is stuff with the family. Just don't forget to take some time yourself every now and then.

The Farr's said...

I am tired from just reading....

Good luck you Super Mom you!

becky said...

I am glad my kids aren't old enough yet to be that crazy yet. But brenten really wants me to sign him up for t ball for the spring. I guess I have until then. The fun is just beginning I think.