Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"say no to...what is it Mom?"

Connor came home from school, with an assignment to make a "Say no to drugs" poster. So I made nice big letters for him so that he could color it in. When he finished I asked if he wanted to add anything else. He replied that he wanted to draw a picture of drugs in a circle with a line through it. I told him good idea and left him to it. A little later he comes up to me...

C-" Mom I drew a can of pop with a line through it."
M-"Why pop? Pop isn't a drug."
C-"It's not?"
M-" Nope."
C-" OK well I will do a bag of chips then."
M-" What? Connor chips aren't drugs either. Do you know what drugs are?"
C-" They are things that are bad for your body."
M-" Well, in our world, we have things that are rrrrreally bad for our body."
C-" Like candy?"
M-" It is worse than candy." His eyes get HUGE.
C-"worse than candy?"

I tried to explain it. I really did. But he is just so sweet and innocent that he couldn't fathom anything worse than candy. It just makes me not want to send him out into the world for a.very.long.time!


The Farr's said...

I love this! So sweet and innocent!

becky said...

That is the cutest thing. Doesn't it make you wish they can stay like that forever.

Mark and Tammy said...

ok that made me laugh out loud-It makes me laugh how kids are amazed that there could be anything worse for our body than candy or pop etc.. Somedays it is like beating your head against the wall just to make a simple point-but fun to look back and chuckle about

Little Hensley Fam said...

that's so funny! and it's good that he has no idea what drugs are, since you know there are children out there that do. Keep him as innocent for as long as possible! And keep posting about it so we can get a good chuckle out of it too!