Sunday, June 01, 2008


Whenever Ben deploys anywhere, we try to do something fun with the kids before he goes. Sort of like one last hurrah! We had heard from several people, that the TarZa water park was an absolute blast. So I went and picked up the tickets to go. Now you have to know, my kids are not exactly fearless when it comes to the water. So I was worried that I had paid for tickets that wouldn't really be used. The kids were excited though. So much so, that they started to drive me nuts! I finally sent them outside to get in the car while I rounded up the last few towels etc.

We got there, and the kids headed straight to the Lazy River. It is this pool that has a current that kind of pushes you around the whole thing. They loved it. I think that was their favorite of the whole day! I was worried they were going to stay there and not go to any slides. So we forced them out and started out on a small slide. Once they had conquered their fear of that, they were more than willing to try the bigger ones. By the end of the day they had gone on almost every single one. Ethan even went down the "Super Chute". Ben and I did too. BUt I think we are starting to get old as we complained about it hurting our backs, bums etc.

We ended the day with Ivan throwing up in the lazy river (twice!), a lost pair of sunglasses, a lost pair of goggles, 4 exaushted kids who had HUGE smiles on their faces. We will definatley be going back. Ben actually wants to go back when he gets home! It was such a fun day. And the bonus? No one complained. Not even once! Now that is what I call a good day!

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The Anglesey Family said...

Oh...Poor Ivan! Sounds like you guys had fun!