Monday, June 09, 2008


At 11:15 today, the kids will be done with the school year and summer will officially begin. Although, the weather has not changed for a year. We are not looking forward to warmer days, or finally being able to go swimming. We do that year round. It makes the summer sort of anti-climatic.

Growing up, I always looked forward to the summer. Waiting anxiously for the swimming pool to open, and Mom getting us season passes. Every day she would give us some change and we would all go down to Heidi's ( a mini mart) and buy nickel and dime candy. We would hang out at the park until the pool would re-open. We would stay up late to go to the night swim. Going to the library and picking up books. It was such a fun time. Our summers seemed to revolve around the pool.

So while my kids don't have that to look forward to, they are looking forward to, swim lessons, a break from packing lunches, a break from homework, washing uniforms, sleeping in, staying up late and some freedom from schedules, hanging out with friends, lemonade stands, video game marathons and more.

Bring on summer!


Mary said...

What fun you guys will have on your summer break there! I envy your quick access to beaches and cool island-y stuff. My summer memories in the Northwest revolve a lot around the Columbia River, having to help at the orchard, nice air (only truely appreciated now in this humid place) and Mikes Icecream. YUM! My kid's summers will be so different here in suburban Maryland with no mountains or rivers nearby!

becky said...

I am jealous of your weather. It is now June and we are happy if it hits 70 here. And for the still requires a wet suit. It is a cold summer so far. I love reading your blogs. It's so fun.