Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ivan and I have been reading the same book. It is called What Should I Do? It is a Dora book and they talk about the different kinds of jobs that people have. And at the end of the book it asks, " If you could be anything what would you be?" So Ivan has decided that he would like to be a cowboy...and a train.

Is there a school for that?


heidigoseek said...

I think it may be at the same school that Gracie needs to attend to become a mermaid when she grows up;then she'll be a baby again.
Yes, Nathan is very tall. He is probably 5-6 inches taller than Marshall. He's lost 7 teeth. Marshall's lost none!

becky said...

that is funny. lately brenten wants to be a truck driver or the garbage man.

marie said...

Heidi, Ethan hasn't lost any either!! I keep thinking he is behind everyone. Connor has friends who have teeth out but not the Turner boys!