Thursday, June 19, 2008

summer dilema

Every summer I go through the same thing. The weather is hot and so the kids don't want to go play outside. It is hot and humid and they come in with red faces and sweat dripping off their faces. But if they are not outside, that means they are inside. That means that video games and tv are all they want to do. They have been asking for new video games but at $30-$40 a pop...hmmm...I was looking for something else.

We headed to the Nex and I wanted to find those big huge thing of bubbles but there were none to be had. So we did buy a small thing of bubbles with extra wands, a bucket of sidewalk chalk and then we hit pay dirt in the board games area. It is nice to know that with everything rising in can still find fun things for cheap. We don't have a dollar store here so we have to take what we can get! We found Monopoly for $3, dominos for $2, Tic Tac Toe for $2 and a Disney princess game to use as a gift for $5.

Ivan has loved the dominos. Not actually playing the game but just lining them up and knocking them over. It is adorable to see his little tongue sticking out as he concentrates. Unfortunatley he has knocked over a lot of the boys towers!

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heidigoseek said...

Do your kids get that "wet dog" smell from being outside even two minutes? Ugh, it's pretty nasty! I feel like a camp counselor sometimes trying to keep them all entertained and/or out of trouble.
Happy Summer!