Sunday, June 15, 2008

brain dump...

Life has been extremely crazy lately. And I have so many little things going on that I have been meaning to blog about...but just haven't. Ben was able to come home early on Friday, and we spent Saturday trying to get things done before he left. Then with church and getting him to the airport....whew. Made for a crazy weekend. So I just need to get stuff off of my brain. Here goes...

**Ben and I decided to upgrade our ipods a little while ago. The upgrade decision came after someone *cough, cough* washed her husbands shuffle. So we decided to get larger ones. The other shuffle was just sitting around, because we didn't want the kids to fight over who got it. Finally, we gave it to Harmony. She has been rocking out ever since. She takes it everywhere. To the store,to bed,to a sleepover, to the park, for walks with Astro etc. I am constantly telling her to turn it down and that no it's not going to church. She has been using the broom as her microphone and dancing around the house. Mommy's little rock star.

** I got an email the other day about my Bali trip. Because of rising costs of fuel, Continental is having to cancel flights from Guam to Bali, starting October 2nd. Our trip was supposed to be for the 16th. They were trying to reschedule, but I am not able to go on any of the dates. I had kind of arranged my schedule around that trip. I am totally bummed. It feels like I am just not supposed to get off this island!!

**Speaking of getting off the island, one year ago, we stepped onto Guam for the first time. We have one year down and one to go. Some friends of ours already have their orders. We won't find out ours for another 6-9 months I am sure, but the thought that we only have one year left is exciting. While there are things we have loved and enjoyed about Guam, I am ready to get back to the states. ( Hello Wal Mart, Target, Old Navy, Applebees, good grocery stores etc)

** I found out, a little too late, that I am not really an animal person. Astro is personally driving me nuts. He has chewed through a series of shoes, a cord to the wii controller and worse of all...the power cord to my laptop. $80 later it was replaced but ouch that stung! The kids however, are more in love than ever. Ethan takes him for a walk every single morning. He is such a responsible little kid. Harmony seeks Astro out, as soon as she makes it home.

** I was vacuming the other day, and a fuse blew upstairs. So only one outlet upstairs works. Of course it happened, when I couldn't call housing. So we have been living with out lamps, clocks, a tv upstairs, night lights. It is like we are in the dark ages. Once I have taken a shower I am going to call housing and have someone come out and fix it.

**When we went for Ivan's well child exam back in Feb., we were told that he might have some developmental delays. Things were going well and than it seemed to take a turn and get worse. I spoke to the Special Ed teacher at the school and he feels that Ivan's situation goes beyond speech. We go to a specialist on the 26th of this month to get him tested. They are looking for delays and possibly ADD, or ADHD or possibly even being on the autism spectrum. We are anxious to go but also nervous to find out.

**And last but not least, I am going to be watching my friend's kids this summer. Well really only for like a month of the summer. Her kids are really close to mine in age. I think it will help keep the kids entertained while Ben is gone. I know Harmony is looking forward to having a girl to play with. My only concern is that, I think Harmony may have a crush on her son. He is in her church class and they were also in the same class at school. She talks about him all the time and her little face turns red whenever you ask her about him. She also does a lot of giggling when he is around. Hmmm

WEll I think that is it. I know this is a long post but there is just so much going on.


crazymonsons said...

you are so good with the updates! I didn't blog for like a month and I ahve updated anyone on anything!!!!!
I'm so bummed you can't make it to Bali! I hate the oil companies right now.
We will keep you guys in our prayers about Ivan. I'm sure whatever the news your family can handle it! You guys are awesome!

becky said...

Hey I love your blogs. some are sad but they are always followed up by something funny or crazy one of the kids did. good luck with Ivan. You will have to keep us all updated.