Friday, June 06, 2008

Connor's turn

On Thursday we headed back up to the school for Connor's ceremony. It is funny how different my two boys are!! Connor was totally relaxed and easy going. Ethan always takes things seriously. He recieved his award and shook hands with the principal and vice principal. Than they all sang some songs...except for Connor. He was totally not into singing and just hung out in the back row. I was thinking "like father like son" the whole time!! And that was it. Short and sweet. Luckily I had magnetix and Knex to keep Ivan entertained, since the program was right during nap time!


becky said...

Your boys are so cute. I can't belive you have ones in school. I am not ready for those days. I am so glad that I can feel like I am part of a little of your life.

The Anglesey Family said...

You look sooo pretty in that picture!
Also....I was surprised to see Ben in his khakis. He must not have had time to change. Heaven forbid they wear their uniform outside of work. I made Kory wear his to get Braxton's medicine from the pharmacy at the hospital. Otherwise we would have been there until next labor day!

marie said...

I know Ben hates wearing it. But the program was at 1:30 so he had to go back to work!

The Barton Family said...

Wow your boys are so big and cute!! Looks like you are having lots of fun.