Tuesday, June 03, 2008

goodbye 1st grade

(proud Mom and a REALLY happy Ethan!)

(getting his medal for reading counts...he read more than 100 books this year!)
(with all his awards)

(All of the 1st graders)

Ethan had his end of the year awards ceremony today! He has had such a fun year and really has learned a lot!! He started reading, writing nice long complete sentences, his handwriting is wonderful. He has loved taking Chamarro culture and loves learning spanish. He is going to go so far, I know it. OK, I know I am his Mom and I may be a tad partial but...he did such a good job this year.

Connor's is tomorrow and 3rd grade isn't even having one! Poor Harmony!

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Avis La Fin said...

We're so proud of you, Ethan!! It is a wonderful trait to work so hard in school. I hope you will continue to read good books. I hope you will have a nice summer of fun. Love, Grandma Kennedy