Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Growing up, behind our house, was a cherry orchard. You could always find us kids out snatching the yummy cherries from the trees. Ecspecially while playing outside. I really enjoy cherries but generally don't buy them.

Last summer, while we were visiting The Dalles, Christy (or was it Grandma Harmon?) one of the Grandma's anyway, had bought cherries. The kids went to town on them. There faces were covered in the juice and they loved them. Asking me of course why I never buy them.

So the other day, I was at the commissary and there were cherries. From Oregon no less. I looked at the price...6.97 a lb!!! Holy cow. I thought it was a joke. Until my friend told me that she didn't pay attention when she was buying them and bought a small bag for over $10.

Well in an effort to get the kids to eat more fruits and vegi's, we spent some extra time in the produce department today. The cherries were now down to $3 a lb. I told them they were allowed one lb and that was it. They very carefully weighed it and we brought them home. They have really enjoyed them. I don't know how often I am going to spend $3 on a snack that they finished in one sitting but...it was fun to see them enjoy a snack that I ate a lot of as a kid!


orchard_girl said...

We love cherries. Did you have a seed spitting contest? I didn't realize anyone was picking cherries yet. Ours are still a bright green. I'll have to look around tomorrow when I'm in the Dalles.

heidigoseek said...

I have been picking up cherries every trip to the grocery lately. Ours are 2.88/lb. Its cheaper than gas:) Anyway, The pics of the children eating the cherries are very cute. I should take some of my little fruit bandits.