Monday, June 23, 2008

alone...with 7 kids

(Ethan and James playing DS's.James is the one Harm has a crush on...although she insists that she doesn't! That is another post in itself!)

Is that possible? Actually...yeah it is. This weekend was kind of a long weekend for me. I sat around by the computer just waiting to hear from Ben. Anyone who has ever had someone leave knows,that you don't do that. You keep yourself busy...or you drive yourself mad! I know that and yet I didn't do it. The weekend seemed to drag along, while the week flew by.

So what was the difference? I have been watching my friend's children while she goes to school. And as perdicted,they entertain themselves. They play video games,they go to the park, they play Littlest Pet Shop("don't let any of the brothers come in!"), they skate, they blew bubbles, write with sidewalk chalk and make brownies. There is always someone to play with and so they don't come to me with "I'm bored." Except for the occasional, "Sister Turner watch me play this game!" I am pretty much...on my own. Even Ivan is kept royally entertained with my friend's youngest. He is always asking me "where is your baby?". Yesterday he spent the afternoon playing boats with Ivan. Putting him in a cardboard box and pulling him around the living room.

7 kids? Sure I can handle it. As long as some of them go home at the end of the day!

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Motherhood for Dummies said...

It is nice to have someone else around to handle those bored kid moments ;)