Monday, June 02, 2008


Ben's departure is coming up rapidly. I am not sure if I am allowed to say when. When he was in Afghanistan,I wasn't allowed to give any dates or anything. Suffice it to say, it is soon. Very, very soon. But this trip is really worrying me. There has been hardly any information given out. I am so freaked out about sending him over there, when these are the kind of conversations that we have...

M:When is your flight leaving?
B: I don't know

M: Where are you going to be staying?
B: a hotel
M: Which one?
B: I don't know

M: What are you going to eat while you are over there?
B: I don't know, something from the hotel restaraunt.

M: Do they take debit cards over there?
B: I am pretty sure they do.

M: Can you drink the water?
B: I don't drink the water here.
M:good point

M: Is someone going to pick you up from the airport?
B: I don't know, I think we will be on the same flight.
M:Well is someone going to pick both of you up?
B: I don't know.

M: Is there a grocery store? What if you run out of toothpaste or something?
B: I am sure there is a store.
M: Well do they take a debit card? Or do you have to have tons of cash?
B: Well I was told to bring lots of cash.
M: So what if some crazy local robs you?
B: sigh, Marie they won't.

This is the kind of information that we are getting. Very helpful. He tells me not to worry so I told him this. " OK Ben, I am leaving on a trip for 7 weeks. I don't know when I am going. I don't know anyone there. I don't know where I am staying. I don't know what I will eat. I don't know how I will contact you. Or what I will do for food. I don't know if they take debit cards, or how I will pay for anything. But I don't want you to worry."

I asked him if HE would let ME go under those same circumstances. His answer..."absolutely not. But you are not me. Girls are different."



Momgunter said...


Your blogs are so colorful and honest. I enjoy them every one! I know it's trite to say, but don't worry!

The Farr's said...

Oh sweetie! I wish I knew what to say. If it makes you feel any better, know that I love you and am thinking of you!!

Mary said...

That's got to be so stressful. Here's hoping he has an uneventful, safe trip that goes by quickly for both of you!

Avis La Fin said...

Hey Sweetpea,
I'm not sure there's too much but jungle in East Timor!! The capital is Dilli!! He'll be okay,so you will. Bored and lonesome but okay. Love you lots. Mom