Monday, June 30, 2008

pity party

Am I the only one, that when things go wrong, it feels like a personal attack? You know I try not too, but when one thing after another's hard to not feel like you are being conspired against.

Friday afternoon we were given a notice that we would be having an 8 hour water outtage on Monday, from 8-4. 7 kids who can't use the bathroom? Hmmm...doesn't sound like my idea of fun. Luckily my friend was able to find someone else to watch her kids.

So I decided Sunday night, to get up really early and get a shower in and some laundry. But around 4 the power goes out. Of course. No alarm clock goes off. You would think that a power outtage wouldn't wake kids up in the middle of the night. I mean it's dark right? Wrong. All the air conditioning and fans go off also. Suddenly their rooms are stifling. Leaving me with 4 kids up very early.

It finally goes back on and so I go downstairs to check my email.No internet, no phone. We have a bundle pkg. so if one goes...they all go. Took awhile but we finally get it back on. Hurry to go take a shower before the water goes off. No laundry done but at least I will get a shower.

We keep checking and finally at 11am the water goes off. In the back of my mind I am wondering if they are going to get it back on by 4. We went off for the day and came home around 4. And the water finally came back on at 9pm. Now we have the opportunity to boil all of our water until further notice.

Today I hurried to catch up on housework. I am in the zone and getting everything done. I break out the vacum and all of a sudden it goes off.I think maybe it's the outlet.Nope. Won't work in any outlet I try. This vacum is less than a year old and now I have to go and get a new one. 4 kids and a dog with no vacum? yuck. Not happening. I can't find the warranty, of course. Which is just one more reason for me to finally get organized.

Frustrated? Yep. Annoyed? Yep. Will it get better? Yep...eventually!


becky said...

I hate thoughs days. When THEY decided to turn off the water and or power. Those people obviously don't have kids.

The Farr's said...

My vacuum just died too! I went to buy a new one today but realized I couldn't get out of the store pushing the double stroller and carrying the vacuum! So, I have to go back tomorrow while my sister watches my kids! Hopefully tomorrow will be better for you!

Marie said...

Harmony actually had to push the cart with the vacum in it. Ivan won't sit in the little spot of the cart, and can't be trusted to walk. So Harmony helped me!

crazymonsons said...

Cheer up! When it rains it pours! That really sux! Guam is so crazy and it really is annoying when nothing works. :(

heidigoseek said...

Honestly, it gets better. At least that's what I keep telling myself when day after day one child after the next gets the vomiting attack that's going around. Jenn can tell you about Gracie's. She was here for book club and Gracie sprayed the walls and floor with her junk...DISGUSTING!!!

Marie said...

Oh Heidi! I am so sorry! That is just gross. I hate projectile vomit. I hope she starts feeling better soon!